Tuesday, November 07, 2006


HARANGUE, n. A political speech by an opponent, who is known as an harangue-outang.

2006 Update: The mumbling of a quiet conscience, amplified through the echo-chamber of the soul and broadcast through a bullhorn to those with ears to hear.

An anonymous group, whose members already walk among us in different guises, have put together a new site to pursue peace and justice. While curmudgeons and lexicographers thrive on chaose, immorality and decay, I am passing this information along to you, the unaffiliated. The site has been designed for interaction and you can vote there on far more substantial matters than any of is likely to in our home precincts. The site is hereabouts.


To my American brothers and sisters: It's election day, fools. I promised Mireille I'd wear the scent of her choice for a week if I don't vote. The rest of you will be wearing the scent of someone else's choice if you don't. /Harangue

Update: To my fellow Still Life fans, she posted, by golly!


Minka said...

Al??? Running late, aren´t we? *snicker*
Ther eyou see what can happen in a New York minute :)

Minka said...

Harangue??? Now you are just making words up! Is it a type of Orang Utan?

Anonymous said...

Harangue: Duhhh, uhhh...

Ahh, dammit, Minka, you're just too fast for me. :-)

Anonymous said...

Harangue: The noise an empty argument makes when delivered into a deaf ear. syn. Tinnitus.

The Violent Vixen said...

Wow! I learned a new word! You would think in my all-so-extensive 1st semester of college that I would know every word in the english language.
This is the first time I ever get to vote and I am so not looking forward to it. I am going to vote, but really it just doesn't seem worth it. I have to stand in line for god only knows how long to vote for someone that's not going to get into office anyway since the Democrats always win all the state positions in NC... but we vote Republican for President... how stupid is that? ...I'm done ranting now...


The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

I like Lemmon Harang Pies you can hit people in the face with them.

Doug The Una said...

Minka, a harangue is what an orangutan flung.

Good one, Al. And I always thought that was spelled "Tinnitis" so thanks for the lesson.

Solace, no one should have to experience first love and a first vote in the same semester. I sure hope all this doesn't make you bitter.

Sure can, boy. That's what they're for.

Sar said...

Harangue: Noun [huh-rang]
a scolding or a long or intense verbal attack or diatribe

Sarangue: Noun [Sair-rang]
a scolding or a long or intense verbal attack or diatribe delivered by the brawling belle.

TLP said...

An harangue can also be a heartfelt speech, also see get out there and vote damnitall. That wasn't long enough to be an harangue, but I know you don't like novels here.

FelineFrisky said...

Harangue - what I will need to listen to BEFORE I can get an exterminator - or any type in home service person - to come to the house and rid us of the ants, anticipating a warm comfy stay for the winter. NOT!!! Haranguepoutang! LOL Those Candidates seeking political office, while dressed in well fitted Armani suits. D :)

Anonymous said...

This poem is sung to the tune of,
"Whe Johnny came marching home"

When Ambrose went off to vote today,
When Ambrose went off to vote today,
In the winter of two thousand and six,
We went to the polls to vote today,
And we all,
Checked the ballot,
And closed our eyes.

When Ambrose gave his victory speech,
harangue, harangue,
When Ambrose gave his victory speech,
harangue, harangue,
He promised us much,
And thanked us for,
Returning to office,
For many years more,
And we all cheered hard,
When Ambrose went back to work.

When Ambrose was caught breaking the law,
harangue, harangue,
When Ambrose was caught breaking the law,
harangue, harangue,
He told us he's sorry,
Won't happen again,
The money was there,
That's hardly a sin,
So we all forgave and voted him back in.

Anonymous said...

ditto tlp... get out there and vote damnitall.

Charlene Amsden said...

Harangue: the sound made by all adults according to Charles M. Shultz of Peanuts fame: Waa, waa, waa.

Anonymous said...

Harangue: To pepper with bird shot on a fancy Texas ranch.

G said...

My pie specialty: letme harangue - care for a slice?

Was voting a question for you?! This I can't believe.

G said...

Now I just went back and read the comments and saw the Boy mentioned "lemmon harangue". Look at that - me and an 11 year old spy kid think alike.

I like that.

mireille said...

I mean, we all know you work in the polls, so what fun is that perfume promise? You'll vote. Every well-conceived argument in The Prattler says you'll vote. But about the perfume, there's a new Ralph Lauren called Polo Black you might like. For all those times you're wearing fragrance to your polo game. Polls/polo, get it? Maybe not. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Harangue? Harangue?!?

That's when Mom started to talk (re: yell) and my brother and I and her voice quickly morphed into all the adults from Peanuts "Wanh, wanh, wanh." These tender talks never really did take. Not until she got frustrated and went for the wooden spoon to harangue upon our backsides when we promptly picked up when where we left off.

Oh yeah...good times.

Kyahgirl said...

Harangue? Great word for today. Let me harangue my beloved American friends for a moment....
as a concerned neighbour, I must vehemently urge you to do something about the path to doom upon which you find yourselves....Please!!

Go vote! Please!

okay, that was more like begging than haranguing but you get the general idea.

Doug, out of Mireille's collection I'd recommend you ask her for the Musc Ravageur... great scent for a guy. :-) Kind of goes with the word of the day too.

Anonymous said...

Harangue: In Congress, the Harangue is a lively verbal dance, often set to the rhythmic pounding of fists on a table top, and characterized by a series of limp motions and slide-stepping on issues.

sorry, guess i was feeling "musical" this morning as i found myself trying to conjure up something of for this ridiculous word -- prior to that, i was at a loss, especially after the boy from SACADA and my NBFF *both* used my first idea. trust me, this kind of silliness won't happen again, and i'd appreciate it if you'd get off my back about it, today. yeesh.

Doug The Una said...

Sar, and you can tell the difference because my eyes don't glaze over from a Sarang.

TLP, that was a perfect epigram, though.

Haha, Diane.

Brian, this is not Chicago and the dead aren't enfranchised here. Oh, wait, you wrote that in Florida. Never mind.

Right now, Karen. Hie!

Quill, I still talk like that.

Mule, one man's assasination is another man's democracy and both better duck when Cheney's armed.

I like that too, G.

Mireille, I'm not working the polls this time, but, yeah, no need to pick a scent.

Jenna, I'm stunned you're the first to take the mommy angle.

Kyah, a harangue would have gone more along the lines of "Do you guys mind? We can hear you flubbing about way up here! Go vote and think about what you're doing for once, for crying out loud! TEST NO FURTHER THE PATIENCE OF THE CANADIAN PEOPLE, EH?"

Doug The Una said...

Puppy, I just saw what "musical" means to you. Better than congress, though.

Anonymous said...

hah! i read your comment and thought you were referring to THIS, which indeed sounds like much of the noise coming out of congress these days (from one end or the other) as for today's offering? well i... ah, er... um, yeah. point taken.

Kyahgirl said...

LOL Doug!! I vote for you as the honorary Canadian haranguemeister, eh?

Doug The Una said...

Wow, Puppybrose. Want to hear something really funny? I just showered before voting. Good thing I don't vote "Green." What a waste of water and soap.

See y'all.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

What politicians do to potential voters starting a few months before election day.

Mutha said...

DANG! I am no match for Doug or Ambrose. You've hit the whole spectrum.

Now let me go vote for Deval Patrick, the soon-to-be first African American Governor of Massachusetts. And the first democrat in too long.

G said...

Congrats and good luck Mutha!

By the way, was it Doug's last volunteer day at the polls that set off a raucous party that woke Ambrose? Not sure.

Just in case, let me use the word harangue so that he doesn't suspect me of foul play.

Anonymous said...

my comment in response to Doug's entry at my place.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little surprised too. Maybe that's because I don't vote today? Oh wait...I'm the most non-political person I know. That's why.

TLP said...

Niks was a poll watcher for four hours today, and tonight from 5PM to poll closing time, I will be calling and doing the harangue thing to those who have as of that time failed to vote. I love tp harry, harangue and harass folks.

Doug The Una said...

Kyah, we cross-posted. Thank you but I think my skills are needed here.

Cheesemeister, I haven't answered my home phone for 6 weeks. I actually switched one vote because the guy I was going to vote for left a message just when my temper was getting brittle.

Mutha, get on that!

g, I think that's right. They didn't need me for this election so I'm here keeping an eye on you hooligans.

Cindra: Uh-oh. I tried to do right. Three rules is a lot for my little nut.

Jenna, did you ever see the movie Bullets Over Broadway? "Sex is political!"

Good for Niks, TLP and good for you. I can say that because I voted.

Indeterminacy said...

Harrangue: When the truth won't keep quiet anymore, and goes after those that wouldn't say it.

Anonymous said...

I might've seen it. But this is me. Ain't no politics in this girl.

In honor of the day I shall give a "political" definition. Unh. "Their lips are flapping and all I hear is blah, blah, blah."

Now I need a shower or something. Politics. :::shudder:::

Anonymous said...

Harangue! What a coincidence--just as I clicked on your page, Doug, the phone rang. Luckily, I could say that I already voted.

I'd like to vote on changing the spelling of harangue, while we're at it. And thank you for leaving the Yeats poem--I enjoyed that:)

dddragon said...

With TLP as a parent, we kids don't dare NOT vote!

Charlene Amsden said...

Taught all morning. Had master teacher meeting with principal over lunch. Held parent-teacher conferences in the afternoon. Went from school to a two hour training meeting for our new afterschool tutoring program (half hour drive both ways). Stopped to vote on the way home. I have no energy to listen to a harangue about why microwave popcorn is not a suitable dinner entree.

Alana said...

My mom calls to harangue each of her five children every single election day about voting, and suprisingly, despite our square tendency to rebel against such harangues, we actually all vote at every election.

This year she left her harangue in a pseudo-nasally-recorded politician plug style voice saying my mother fully endorses and supports me going to the polls to vote...she thinks she's funny. I did actually laugh though.

Logophile said...

I told everyone to go vote, does that count as a harague?

Doug The Una said...

Indie, that's a great definition. Lots o' meaning.

Jenna, we all got a shower yesterday.

Actonbell, I can imagine the harangue. I haven't answered my phone since the parties started calling. How was the concession speech? And talk slow. I want to enjoy it. Yeats' poem, written after WWI is a good reminder that troubled times come back and dont even change their clothes.

Dddragon, I don't doubt it. But I bet you wouldn't have stayed away yesterday.

Quill, it is.

Square, that's pretty funny to me too.

Logo, it counts as a worthy harangue.

Anonymous said...

Oh, horror, the concession speech was not satisfying at all--just a listing of everything good he thought it did, and of course he thanked everyone who helped him, and implied that Pennsylvanians were just wrong in not reelecting him. I should've expected that.

Doug The Una said...

Sure, Actonbell. I still want to find it on You Tube.