Thursday, November 10, 2005


Allegiance, n. The traditional bond of duty between the taxer and the taxee. It is not reversible.
This thing allegiance, as I suppose,
Is a ring fitted in the subject's nose,
Whereby that organ is kept rightly pointed
To smell the sweetness of the Lord's anointed.
2005 Update: Expediency.

Happy Birthday to Actonbell's husband, Ekim Road Runner Pez.


Unknown said...

when the taxees are yellow

Happy Birthday, Speedy Gonzales!!!

pncaek: flat pancakes eaten with melted butter and golden syrup by the Welsh for breakfast

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

You don't HAVE TO pay the taxes
if you're willing to take the consequences. :)

I don't think allegiance is a spelling word anymore.


Sar said...

Allegiance: A universal handicap when accompanied by blindess.

gktmcyp - an invitation for Karma to try my pancakes.

Doug The Una said...

Wow, Karma, that's good.

I don't think so either, Liz.

Or confidence, Sar

No, Lula, that's condescension which is a spelling word.

TLP said...

Allegiance,n, Something I pledge to the flag of the United States of America. So glad they haven't yet added and to the Republic of Bush.

~Daydreamer~ said...

I can't think of anything special to say. Just saying hi to Doug (I'm back!) :D

Jamie Dawn said...

Only a few things on earth are worthy of this word.
Many allegiances are not well placed. Religious Kool-aid drinkers and Hitler supporters come to mind.

Cooper said...

Allegiance: Might have been a good thing in the day of Lords and Ladies but we have computers now.

Happy Birthday to the birthday person.

May 31st - I'll be twenty - one. ;)

Anonymous said...

My blogging allegiances are nullifying my real life

Just wanted to use a word from the prior definition as a new twist

Tom & Icy said...

Woof! All female commenters! *sniff* What are you wearing? Something Zockso gave you? *sniff* Woof!

Doug The Una said...

TLP, I don't think we'll be changing the name of the country. Maybe the State of Texas.

Marwa, that's special enough. Thanks.

Those would be excellent examples, Jamie Dawn.

Darn it, a4g, that's what I wish I'd written.

Pia, you're such a picaro.

Eau de smartaleck. It tastes like vanilla kinda.

Logophile said...

actions and attitudes associated with adherence, also ardor and attachment, acknowledged as archaic.

Chatham said...


I don't know about the vanilla. Perhaps tuna. I like tuna.

I pledge allegiance to the tuna
that comes out of the can-a
and to the Cat Couch from which it comes
One warm lap
on which I lie
with birdies on my mind after all.

Doug The Una said...

Ariella, I can't wait until you get to the "f"s

Haha, chatcat. I guess when you live in a dragon's den, poetry comes natural.

Unknown said...

its Chanel #5. down, boy

i only wear tuna
during phases of luna

Unknown said...

Sar, may I have some more please?

ijmxutq: I'm turning into a ninja mutant, without question

Minka said...

1) knowing how to sing a really annoying song on special occasions that define your a football match!
2) it is either that or being a royal subject to the crown of England. The rest of the world has realized we live in the 21st century and globalization has taken place.

Sar said...

Karma - but of course!

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Karma. I thought I stank purty.

True, Monika. Here in the states we barely have crowns.

Thanks, Sar. You know how she gets when she's hungry.

Logophile said...

Doug, if I get to the 'f's I am afriad the no profanity or vulgarity rule may become an issue.
Let's not borrow trouble.

Unknown said...

D, that was for T&I and chatcat and all your lovable pets.

Monika's comment reminds me: during Indira Gandhi's (not related to the other Mr.G) reign they used to close the exit doors and play the national anthem after the movie in the theatres and we had to stand still like dummies and watch a scratchy print of a fluttering flag to show our allegiance. wait, that's tyrrany

Sreekesh Menon said...

the band with a wagon?

Anonymous said...

allegiance: That which cannot be believed when patriotism is consumed with force fed religion.

or something like that....

Doug The Una said...

OK, Ariella. Why don't you warn me when you get to the "e"s.

Allegiance and tyranny, Karma? Would it have helped if the picture had been better?

Brer, Sreekesh! The hitch!

Something a lot like that, Princess.

Lila said...

I pledge allegiance to the World Wide Web. Is that wrong?

Hobbes said...

Shoudn't that be expedency UNDER GOD, Mr. Dog?????!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Allegiance, n. A sometimes excessive appreciation for benefits already received.

Doug The Una said...

It's a little European, Aral.

Of course, Pansi.

LeMas. said...

allegiance-returning to blogs even after their authors disappear with week-long hangovers.
Happy Blessed Day of Scorpio Takeover.

Doug The Una said...

Ave, Masil! And that was without the picture, too!

TGIF, Actonbell.


OK...I'm back.

Allegiance, n. Sworn endurance, either arbitrary or by birthright.


Anonymous said...

The pose of devotion while looking for a better offer.