Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ida, Redeemer

Story #41, a true tale but otherwise more or less the DaVinci Code in which Doug uncovers a Church's secrets.

To hear the word, enter Atlanta's Lutheran Church of The Redeemer

To read the word, come to the library.

This week in The Prattler, "Absent and Unaccounted For". I've arranged with Periodyssey Press, publisher of The San Francisco Wasp: An Illustrated History, to use cartoons from The Wasp, a weekly where Ambrose Bierce was columnist and editor-in-chief in the 1880s.


Unknown said...

I love your friend Ida, hope she's kicking, wherever she is

Why is it that so many handsome men are gay? Lawrence of Arabia was also gay (and handsome). I am guilty of having a weakness for handsome men, specially in the knees. "Out, damned spot", I say

gwcbot: gawd, you should see my bottom

TLP said...

Oh, my, Ida sounds just delightful!

So, you're so handsome that Ida thought you were gay? WOW. (I've seen your picture, and yes, you are good looking.) Well, there are a couple of you cuties out there who aren't gay.

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Doug The Una said...

Karma, you are queen of verifiers!

TLP, Ida's eyes were maybe not so good either.

Selena, let Mommy type! I didn't think of that Actonbell, but I bet it would have looked funny from overhead. "Why is everyone afriad of that little woman and that big guy?"

Glad the pups revived you, Cowgirl. I look forward to reading all about it on Patriotic Cowgirl.

Unknown said...

Doug, out with the truth! are you gay? you could be waiting to come out of the closet

sssyeh: you know what i mean

Kyahgirl said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dddragon said...

what a wonderful story!!

And yup, it do seem that way sometimes. darn them.

TLP said...

He's not only not gay, he's not gay...remember? He's a curmudgeon.

ysrtmybb: Yes sir, that's my baby.

TLP said...

I was talkin' to Karma, and other folks nosed right in there. Whose blog is this anyway?

Kyahgirl said...

my mom laments the loss of that word. 'how are you supposed to describe someone who is flitting about in lighthearted joy'? 'gay' used to be perfect!

TLP said...

So, where is the new post on the Prattler? I'm still seeing April 15.

Kyahgirl said...

Its there, I just read it. the link on this post here took me right to it.

Logophile said...

Sincerity and hypocrisy conspiring together for silence...
a lovely turn of phrase.
Doug, you are the king.
I love Ida, I want to go to the library right now and see if I can get to know her.

Mikki Marshall said...

Logo, wasn't that the best sentence!!!

(I know that that is two, possibly three too many exclamation points to use on a cynic's blog...but Hey, I really liked it)

Tom & Icy said...

What did your live-in girlfriend look like?

Jamie Dawn said...

It sounds like you are one of those people like me whom people feel comfortable attaching themselves to.
I cannot get through Walmart without being talked to by complete strangers. I get asked where things are, or if I think this top goes with those pants, etc...
Ida sounds like such a dear. I hope she is still going strong!!

Out: The opposite of straight.

Jamie Dawn said...

Gotta go. I'll stop by The Prattler either late tonight or tomorrow.

Doug The Una said...

Karma, I don't have that honor but I'll never tell you I'm not queer.

Thanks, Dddragon. It sure do.

This is your blog, TLP. I am but a vessel.

Oh, it still is, Kyahgirl. Straight people don't flit much.

Logo, next time you're in Atlanta, if Ida is still alive, I bet she'll be in the reading room at 9:30 looking for someone alone. Somehow, despite her age, I bet she still is.

Thanks, Still Life. I can accept a few exclamation marks from a poet.

That's an interesting question, Lammy. Do you mean Ida?

Me too, Jamie Dawn, and Ida is a dear. When I told Sonia I was going to write about Ida, Sonia lit up. Ida just had that effect.

Miz BoheMia said...

Out... me, in this round... your story was fab, loved hearing about Ida and agree with TLP... you are a handsome curmudgeon indeedy!

Ariel the Thief said...

Ida is a real loving soul. she loves men, the more is the better, and loves it when men love each other.

syauvgq: soya sauce with my queer

Lila said...

ha ha! That's pretty funny. Ida's alright by me.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Miz B. I knew I could count on you to back TLP up.

Haha, Ariel. And that was Karma-Quality use of the verifier.

Aral, I remembered that day at Sunrise Service last Sunday and my next thought was "Oh, Aral's gonna love this one."


Aren't *most* of our lives a combination of sincerity and hypocrisy?


Unknown said...

TLP, just yanking the dog's leash

Douglas, kiss and tell

Ariel, check your mail, woman!

Sar said...

I see you've outed yourself, Doug, as a curmudgeon who is really just one of the nice boys who caters to the little old ladies in the church.

And where have you been hiding Ida? Seriously, can you imagine the powerful effect of this woman's gleefully infectious influence? Who could possibly endorse a constitutional ammendment banning gay marriage after Ida took to the podium?

(That's a beautiful church & nice library, btw.)

Anonymous said...

I laughed all the way through that. Here, only two hours away, it is the opposite. I must constantly pretend that men who sing in or conduct choirs and happen to have families are straight, despite their obvious extracurricular "friends," mannerisms, attire, and in one case, ability to get the ministers of an evangelical church to dress up in tutus and perform "The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy."
I am not making this up.

Doug The Una said...

Gabriel, It depends how corrupt the sincere part part is.

Woof, K!

Yeah, Sar. I miss that church. And I am so mean!

It's funny, right, Weirsdo? Why do the only perms in the congregation belong to the men in the choir?

EHT said...

Thanks for the wonderful story....I bet 'in the day' Ida lunched with all the little old ladies at Merrimac's Tearoom. I am one of the few Atlantan born natives left myself. Atlanta has lovely old's just some of the members that need remodeling.

TLP said...

Good title for a movie, "The Men in the Choir." (There was a movie named "The Boys in the Band," which was about gay men.)

So, Doug, write a movie to go with that title: "The Men in the Choir." But don't talk about perms. Sex sells, perms don't.

Anonymous said...

Ida, I'm sure she is still alive ,kicking and outing.

You don't like them personal questions much do you. ;)

Ariel the Thief said...

when given personal questions the best to do is to give them answers. they soon stop asking personal questions.

thank you Karma, it looks so good! the perfect layout for the story.

the rest of you having problems downloading The Missing Ivory a'la Karma's layout miss a lot!

Sar said...

Okay, first of all, "Ida Redeemer" - clever story title there Mr. Redeemer.

And I see you've outed yourself, Doug, as a curmudgeon who is really just one of the nice boys who caters to the little old ladies in the church.

I'm thinking Ida could just be the liberal golden ticket. Seriously, who could possibly endorse a constitutional ammendment banning gay marriage after Ida took to the podium with her gleefully infectious influence?

(That's a beautiful church & nice library, btw.)

Doug The Una said...

Elementaryschoolteacher, (hereinafter EST- that handle wants abbreviating) was Merrimac's the place inside Rich's downtown? I loved your last sentence and offer my amen.

TLP, how do you blog a movie? I remember when my folks saw Boys in The Band. It caused my mother much seriousness.

Doesn't Ida seem eternal, Alice? I don't understand your question :P

Ariel, you're right. OK, everybody: I like Moose.

Sar, I'm mean I tell ya! Bitter and angry! Yeah, that's a great church. Terrific architecture and almost entirely nice folks inside. It also stood on the right side of history during the civil rights movement like many but not all Atlanta churches.

TLP said...

You like MOOSE? I never saw a pretty female moose. Never. Of course, the males are even uglier, so the female moose would certainly take to you. Do you have a really tall ladder?

But enough about your sex life. Can we get a campaign going to make the plural of moose to be meese? I mean, like goose and geese, etc.

Or did you mean that you like a gal named "Moose?" Please, just don't show us a picture of that.

Doug The Una said...

TLP, I'm ok with "Meese"

Thanks, Monika and I'm glad you're back. Oh. Wait. You haven't commented. What the hell?

Minka said...

What the heck?
I came to the page and I saw your last comment and I was like "Did i comment and can´t remember?
You little devil!
But I would like to take this opportunity to say:
"Wonderful story Doug, I enjoyed it so much. And as you can see I am back!"
Now at least your comment before makes sense :)

Doug The Una said...

Then, let me repeat, Minka.

To my friends: Blogger won't put up the new post. In case I can't get on the screen today, I'm not dead. Just unpublished.

Minka said...

That makes sense. Literary fame comes usually after death! Since you haven´t published yet, I am not so worried :)

TLP said...

I doubt that I can post a comment, which is fine, since I have nothing to say. But this is such a great place to not say it.

Kyahgirl said...

sorry to hear that blogger is not cooperating today. was looking forward to more words with y'all.
I'm glad you're not dead too! Yikes.

maybe its time for more people to move away from blogger. moveable type, or typepad or wordpress all seem to work quite well. Doug, it looks like you have your own server (I'm just assuming because the message I get when I download stories and such). If you already are hosting yourself, it would a 'morceau de gateau' to switch to a different blogging program. :-)

Logophile said...

no word,
I can't function, Doug!
What are you trying to do to me here, my whole d ay is throw off.
I need a paper bag, I can't breathe.

Doug The Una said...

Kyahgirl, you make a good point. Maybe I'll let them eat morceaux de gateau.

Since I'll be in meetings all day, let's do this for now:

2006 Update:

n. The fortitude of the resigned.

I'll put up the full post as my schedule and blogger allow.

Jamie Dawn said...

He's alive! He's alive!
This feels like Easter Sunday all over again.
Glad you're still kicking.
Blogger sometimes sucks. It gave me a terrible time last night when I tried to post my post for today. It ended up posting it FIVE times, and then wouldn't allow me to delete.

Valor: Not yellow bellied.

Doug The Una said...

Jamie Dawn, I am risen indeed. That's what was happening all morning. It wouldn't publish and then I went into edit posts and there were 10 copies. I may have been a little OCD.