Friday, June 23, 2006


AVERSION, n. The feeling that one has for the plate after he has eaten its contents, madam.

2006 Update: The child of desire and conquest, failure's half-brother and father to conquest and desire.


TLP said...

Aversion: my feeling about getting up and walking in the morning.

TLP said...

What? Minka's on vacation or somethin'?

Indeterminacy said...

Aversion: A virgin's first word.

Sar said...

Aversion: Coconuts and Dubya. Both are nuts and make me sick.

Minka said...

No TLP, Minka was aiming for 5th place :)
No not really. Mom hogged my computer. hers is off sick and she thought playing with mine at the most inoportune time is somethign funny. At the moment she is frantically lookign for her what point, do you think it stops being funny, that I hid them?!

aversion ... I see fields of cinnamon!

Doug The Una said...

TLP, and my feeling for vegetables apart from the kinship.

Indie, or the last.

Nice, Sar!

Minka, I'm guessing just after she finds them. I remember that about you and the cinnamon.

Lila said...

aversion, n. What I feel toward waking up before 7 a.m.

Anonymous said...

Aversion: disinclination to acquiesce.

what? you have an aversion to movie lines? (wait. you don't.) actually, i have an aversion to deep thinking until after copious amounts of caffeine have been consumed. i'll come back later and try to offer up a version you might like better! (that's right, baby... movie lines *and* bad puns! deal with it!)

Ariel the Thief said...

I'm sure aversion means something to me. I just have to think harder.

Monika, in my opinion that's VERY funny!

ynleelur - under the young moon Lee Van Cleef lurks

Anonymous said...

aversion: I have strong aversion to my synopsis. My task master is getting up there too. I fear a lecture is in my email so I have an aversion to that too. And hopefully there will only be a version one of this synopsis and not four. Four would bum me out.

Doug The Una said...

AP3, it's also the opposite of what I feel seeing you here after an absence.

And be welcome again then, Brian.

Sounds like intractability to me, Puppytoes. How do you take your coffee?

Ariel, I betcha that's the first reference to Lee Van Cleef on this site. I can't thank you enough. I never thought I'd say this of anyone, you're going to make Karma work.

Jenna, the journey of a thousand miles and all that. Good job with "A version." I bet O Ceallaigh will want to make that pun but it'll be too late.

Anonymous said...

hello? did i not *just* make a version of that pun?

Mutha said...

Aversion: a polite disgust.

or, to add to Indie's...

Aversion: A leaning away by force of habit.

Anonymous said...

Yes puppytoes was faster and smarter than I with her version. She even bolded it...just for you.

I got lectured. I have an aversion to being lectured - especially when "it's for my own good". Bah. Just...bah.

The amoeba said...

Doug, it's never too late.

AVERSION, n. Rhymes freshly composed. The audience's reaction to them.

Except in Brian's case. Nice sestina, dude. Does the kitty know about you two?

G said...

AVERSION: (according to update): my family tree.

Anonymous said...

O'C... i laughed so hard i actually sprayed the screen with my tea. funny guy.

and jenna, i say the more versions the merrier! i'm just glad no one has an aversion to puns... : D

Jake said...

2006 Update: The child of desire and conquest, failure's half-brother and father to conquest and desire.

Might I also add... redheaded stepchild to blind dates, and one night stands, divorce's cousin, and Mother to love and marriage.

Minka said...

OC, you linked to my page when the word of today is aversion?! Are you trying to say something? :)

Unknown said...

Aversion: Madonna being touched for the very first time

lljxm: LL Cool Jay kissing Madonna

ariel, you're making me work? what's that?

The amoeba said...

, Minka ...

Doug The Una said...

Golly, Puppytoes. You didn't stay shy long.

Mutha, I've learned to walk that way.

Pretense and disdain are like strawberries and cream, aren't they, Cowgirl?

Jenna you're a full-grown woman. You must have some mace somewhere.

Nice, O Ceallaigh.

Haha, G. Maybe we're cousins.

Puppytoes, anyone who does is long gone.

You sure might, Jake. I though about putting a red-headed step-child in there somewhere.

Karma, sounds like a movie I won't be renting. You have an extraordinary memory.

Brian, I have to see I'm might impressed.

Good catch, O Ceallaigh. And an excellent spammer imitation,

Minka said...

Doug, You left me out? That fills your bucket, my friend!

Kyahgirl said...

I'm still stewing over Bierce's definition. The placement of madam at the end of the sentence is his? It just creates a picture of this well dressed, prickly crabpot, sitting at a table, giving a set down to a woman who perhaps suggested something about his meal or his eating habits.

Anyone else get a picture from this?

Don't mind me. I'm back in time trying to psychoanalyze a dead guy.

Logophile said...

From another lexicographer,
Samuel Johnson;

"Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it."

I guess he felt not enough people honored his labors.
I'll bet he just didn't snark enough.

Doug The Una said...

Minka, I keep lots of buckets. (sorry)

Kyahgirl, of course that's his, madame. That's not a bad image of him.

The Village Idiot said...

Aversion: The Anti Version. Should The Version and the Anti-Version ever touch, it will be the end of the world as we know it.

Total Protonic Reversal..don't cross the streams.

puppytoes -- That means no, right?

so to follow your reasoning, aversion which means disinclined to acquiesce means no.

Kyahgirl said...

VI-turn your propeller speed down, I can't hear you!

Kyahgirl said...

Doug, I was going to say that I read a lot of Bierce stuff on that site you have linked on the side. That plus the dictionary,(which I've snuffled through most of) paint an interseting picture. I'd recommend any of the regulars here go check out Bierce in more detail. I wouldn't have wanted to be a woman around that time frame or known him as such but I can certainly appreciate the man.

Anonymous said...

VI: only on a pirate ship in the carribean, bub!

Aversion: (too often) the impetus for procrastination

Anonymous said...

VI: byw, nice definition, Egon.

HURDLIMI: shy? moi? i like to think i'm over that hurdle by now!

The amoeba said...

Sorry about the spammer imitation Doug. It's a black Friday, we should all have an aversion to it. Blogger mangled the "a" tag again. And the Snark is down!

Mistress Anna said...

A humans inability to ignore their Pavlovian response to negative stimuli. I can't help but drool.

Anonymous said...

O'C: did you break it? did you have an aversion to something someone said over there? (the speedo thing, right?)

Ariel the Thief said...

Karma, I guess you are supposed to think of a movie. or make up one if you cannot think of anything fits. :)

do you have an aversion toward Lee Van Cleef, Doug?

The amoeba said...

"Too many connections" timeout. Meet the new host. Same as the old host.

Anonymous said...

The aversion to work growing stronger by the hour I decided to take a break and venture over to leave a comment.

Anonymous said...

um...make that *Caribbean*, Egon. : P

fezwahx: wax that fez often?

TLP said...

Aversion: mutual is the best kind.

Kyahgirl, I noticed the "madam," immediately. I took a version on that which was different from yours: Once he had enjoyed a woman sexually, he was no longer attracted to her.

Word verifier: cnnbrsmi CNN bores me

mireille said...

aversion: the avoidance part of approach/avoidance syndrome. Gosh, this feels like deja vu all over again. xoxo

The Village Idiot said...

Aversion: The Rough Draft.

synonymous with Alpha Release or very buggy software

Kyahgirl said...

TLP-You could be right, its pretty harsh but it could fit given the era and the man. I

Anonymous said...

TLP: you have no shame... and no aversion to allowing the occasional shocker to fly from those nimble fingers of yours! i bow before your audacity! xox

vacnidd: vacation needed. and how.

Anonymous said...

My Adobe programs have a strong aversion to working right now, giving me the spinning rainbow of doom which is my G5 giving me the finger. But it's Friday and I'm done at noon. So screw it. I shall leave it all until Monday. That means I win right?

(ball still spinning...ugh)

Doug The Una said...

Logo, you suppose he considered Boswell a man of sufficient and well-directed curiousity?

VI, are you really going to follow Ariel and Lee Van Cleef with the Ghostbusters? Why pale yourself?

Kyahgirl, he once bragged that no woman had ever seen him naked. He was married with three kids at the time. You're right, of course. An amazing life guided by an extraordinary mind. Not a nice guy and he wouldn't have minded a bit our saying so. I wouldn't have wanted to be his african-american neighbor either.

Puppytoes, I would have to say, yes. You cleared it. Who is Egon?

O Ceallaigh, it's ironic isn't it? I did appreciate the attempt, sincerely.

Brian, that whole "Hummingbunny" thing is a rascal's ruse, isn't it?

Drool, Mistress Anna, Drool. One man's negative stimulus is another man's loam.

Now way, Ariel! A rat-faced gunman in a spaghetti western is my model. Has been all my life.

Haha, O Ceallaigh. Sure enough.

Still here, Joel?

Puppytoes, you and Ariel and Karma with your verifiers. I love it. I'm going to do a blank post for you guys one of these days.

TLP, (and Kyahgirl) look at this one. Some of it is convention. Also note, no comments that day. Seems quaint now. Your interpretation is impossible, though. What kind of man would respond that way?

Mireille, my aversion was always to the approach.

That's a clever one, VI.

Puppytoes, shame would be wasted on TLP.

Jenna, you win because you have a G5.

Anonymous said...

is Egon *not* the Harold Ramis character in Ghostbusters? (and here i was trying to be clever...)

Anonymous said...

see... it was my way of showing VI that i knew he was using a reference from Ghostbusters... after he mocked my definition (which reference a line from The Pirates of the Caribbean). like i said. it was an attempt to be clever. in my head it was hilarious.

i'll just sit in the corner.

Ariel the Thief said...

rat-faced gunman, that fits him indeed. there's nobody like Lee Van Cleef!

shame would be wasted on TLP indeed as she only put it in words what that definition is about. :-P

Jamie Dawn said...

Aversion: Avoiding the yucky.

mireille said...

well, just because you're procreating, no need to get all naked and stuff. Ick. xoxo

Anonymous said...

brian: is it because of the new link i put up? it's funny. don't be like that... come on back, little bunny! : D

Anonymous said...

Still here keeps getting in the way.

Miz BoheMia said...

Aversion... feeling evoked by the use and expecation of such a thing called obligations...

I need a vacation and a working laptop cause mine crashed and this PC and this keyboard ain't doing it!


Alana said...

a-version: the side of the truth that NO ONE wants to hear.

Logophile said...

Doug, the intellect and interests of others are never so easy to approve as when they are aimed, benevolently, at one's self.
Or, in a word,

Kyahgirl said...

good one squaregirl, being a square, would you contend that there are four sides to the truth?

Doug, thanks for the pointing out that other definition. I don't know what made the biggest impression; the nastiness of Bierce or the amazing realization that there was a time when you had zero comments!

Ariel the Thief said...

oh that was when Bierce started a blog called "Waking Pascover" but nobody really commented.

Doug The Una said...

Puppytoes, you were too clever for me. No pouting.

Brian, put your feet up, pard.

Haha, Ariel. Learning Hungarian would not be wasted on TLP.

Elegant, Jamie Dawn.

Mireille, what on Earth are you talking about?!?! Nevermind. Bierce. Right. I envy the sincerity and thoroughness of his misanthropy and misogyny. I still have to fake 10% of it.

See, Snuppy. You pout, the world pouts with you.

Joel, I'll do a seminar.

Miz B, obliging is you is like caging the wind. Float on by.

Actonbell, can't you just go to the 7-11?

See, Cowgirl? You can be sweet and tangy.

Well done, Squaregirl! Great job.

Yeah, logo.

Oh, good job to you, too, Kyahgirl. You two keep this going.

Haha, Ariel. Let no-one doubt, Willie's picture is what brought you all. "Very clever definition, Doug!" Yeah, right. Whatever.

Sophisticated Writer said...

Aversion: How I feel about waking up early (I see many people share that here :D), working 12 hours/day (thank God, I don't) and my old stinkin' job.

The Village Idiot said...

There There snuppster, I knew what you were saying, and I currently have no aversion to spinning my propeller against the likes of Egon.

And yes Doug, I pale in comparison with with the Good The Bad and The Ugly, somehow the Good, The Bad, And The Idiot just doesn't inspire.

Jamie Dawn said...

Ariel: "Waking Pascover" kind of has a familiar ring to it. :)

I have an aversion to/for/with mayo and overly talkative people who invade my personal space and insects of all kinds and excessive body hair.

Unknown said...

ariel, why do i get the feeling we're going to write another script? did you mean 'Pascover's Wake' by any chance? :P

TLP, you always get the exact thought across, with economy of words! *deep curtsey*

qlbru: queer lover boy, are you?

Unknown said...

heehee actonbell, how come i don't notice my own position? ;))

Doug The Una said...

Princess, I hope you don't mean that old job!

You'd be surprised, VI.

So, a tarantula sportscaster eating a BLT on your shoulder would be kind of a bummer then, Jamie Dawn, huh?

Karma, you and Ariel write it and I'll post it on Doug Drones On.

And yet somehow, Actonbell, I think you did stop at convenience store. On the way back from the grocer?

I don't know Karma. I'd think that would be a position you'd notice.

Sophisticated Writer said...

Doug, I do in fact *sigh* but it's all over now (insert evil laugh here). Oh boy, I do miss being here and talking to you. Will send you an email right now in reply to yours. Take care and be well.