Saturday, June 03, 2006

La Chienne Chanteuse

Story #47, because if you want to call a tune, you got to pay the piper. Yeah, yeah, Sar.

To hear the story, rosin up the fiddle

To read the story, walk the dogdog_dakota_walking_master_hg_clr

This week in The Prattler, The Liberal Memorial suggested by this post on Wonderland or Not.


Minka said...

need I say more? :)

Minka said...


Unknown said...

wowwww Minka! he said, 'walk the dog', not 'stalk the dawg' ;))


Unknown said...

Douglas, this is a very strange story and i didn't understand anything except our Ice Queen rules!

Indeterminacy said...

This story has everything! Drama, passion, dreama, and it's even a musical.

I'm downloading this one for keeps.

Sar said...

A 47 nod! Wootothehoo! :))

Fun and silly and strange story (in my beloved France no less so double kudos to you today, Doug!). Icy deserved a nod, but there's something fishy about that Thomas guy. In fact, something tells me he'll even ensure this won't be the last we hear of Doug's latest incantation.

Btw, just the hand from your gif with the crawling dude is peeking out under the corner of this comment box as I'm writing, and it looks like he's petting your blog. Nice WA *pet pet*; that's a good bloggie.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Doug The Una said...

Minka, Sic transit gloria mundi

Karma, I prefer to think of it as a new low. To explain a little, two weeks ago Tom & Icy requested me to sing and Minka seconded them. This is their punishment.

Did you laugh, Indie? Did you cry?

Haha, Sar. Happy weekend.

Kyahgirl said...

OMG what a great story. What an imagination!

Doug, would you please sing in all your future stories? I love that! :-)
I saw the request for your singing but never thought you'd do it.

Ariel the Thief said...

I'm crying.

dddragon said...

Buffoonery, n. The gift of never really growing up.

Punishment, n. Watching your children mature beyond you.

Tone Deaf, adj. Not hearing the whining around me.

Anonymous said...

i laughed, i cried, i sang the *entire* song... then i pulled out my own faded photos, and remembered why i'm here.

bravissimo!! : D

Anonymous said...

I cried. A lot.

But you know what song I have in my head? The one of the singing frog from Looney Toons who would ribbit in front of the audience. I don't know why. Although the song Doug used was pretty awesome too.

I blame my hangover.

Tom & Icy said...

How about a duet in the shower? If not us, maybe Willie and Icy.

Indeterminacy said...

Doug: I laughed and I cried, but I won't tell you where ;-)

Logophile said...

I laughed
I cried
You moved me, Doug, you moved me.

Fabulous story, and the singing, omg the singing.

If I had known the way to twist your arm most effectively was simply to ask you to do things...

Anonymous said...

allow me to echo logophile's sentiment! for after i read the story, i went back and listened... i must say, you've got a nice Leon Redbone thing goin' on there, Doug! not only did it add flavor to the story, it was very charming! : D

mireille said...

Alors! He haz zat ... how do you Americains say it ... zat Dog Whisperer thing going on ... only he is zee Mastair of Zee Poop! And she is such a charmand leetle Puppy Pooper! Zank Haivens for leetle gairls! xoxo

Anonymous said...

mireille: great Maurice Chevalier impersonation! (what can i say... old people like me remember movies like "Gigi")

Tom & Icy said...

That was a very well constructed story! Even if you call me a dog without the power to sing. We like you.

Miz BoheMia said...

I love me the accent oh sweet hermano! Fab story... I only need to know Icy now though I must say I am intrigued!!!

Loverboy claims that I have a nice voice (which I so don't) but that I am tone deaf (which I AM NOT thank you very much!) and so I will gladly resort to some singing buffoonery and antics of the sort as his well-deserved punishment!

Hmph... calling ME tone-deaf indeed!

Zut alors! C'est vraiment terrible et je ne peux pas vivre comme ca!!!!

Anonymous said...

What's left to say after MizB?

Thought that "rich as a Rockefeller" was an outdated expression only Lucia and I use to be outdated

Alana said...

I laughed, but must admit I didn't cry.

I think that you singing should become a regular feature!

Doug The Una said...

Kyahgirl, I'm very impressionable and eager to please. Like your kids, probably.

There, there, Ariel. It's just a story. I made it up, mostly.

Cowgirl, thanks. But was it karaoke good?

Dddragon, the only one of your definitions I'm convinced applies to you is the first. The green sneakers kind of lock that one up.

Puppytoes, send your recording and I'll post it.

Ragtime Gal, Jenna? So glad you didn't blame me.

Lammy, Willie and Walela duet nightly. If you bring Dusty and Icy they can have a barbershop quartet.

Haha, Indie. Fair enough,

Logo, it's amazing people don't try that strategy more.

Haha, Puppytoes. I love Leon Redbone. I'm laughing and appreciative at the same time.

Mireille, ah haw haw haw haw haw hawww!

Thanks, Dusty. We like you guys too. How come that French Fry master of yours hasn't shown his face here today?

Thanks, Actonbell. I so too can't sing!

Hermanita dulce, sing him a lullaby when he's going to sleep. That'll learn him.

Good point, Pia. It's gay as Rockefeller now.

Squaregirl, you must have a heart of stone.

G said...

Well well well the Sir Douglas Quintet! You just keep trotting out the talents week after week. Next week - a tapdance? You seem eager to please and you do take requests. I feel satisfied with the punishment. All this and a nice voice - do you cook?

Putting it nicely, I am constantly reminded not to quit my dayjob!

Ariel the Thief said...

I listened to the story on home computer, hilarious!

Alana said...

Clearly, I must.

Anonymous said...

somehow i knew you'd be a fan of redbone!! and, thank goodness... for a second i feared you'd say you didn't know who that was, in which case i'd have to come out there and slap you! (leon redbone is awesome! my husband and i are huge fans, as well!)

as for sending a recording? nah... i'm pretty sure folks would prefer listening to your textured and resonant voice. (i would, too, for that matter!) : D

Anonymous said...

Those dog pictures are funny! I play the 'fiddle' too.

Doug The Una said...

g, some time soon, I'll try to put a nice casserole in the story.

Thanks, Ariel. No more tears?

Clearly, Squaregirl. No crying? Hrmmph.

Puppytoes, I saw him perform at the Strawberry Festive in Yosemite. Big fun.

Thanks, Tali. I actually just read about your violin lesson at your mom's site. I hope you understand that we'll all be reading about your prom date one day. By the way, there are some kid blogs around. Just sayin'>

G said...

No story for Tali this week - just pictures. I finally shook her. Actually, now that we're battling over the computer, I think we just may need another one.

When I see the casserole on the windowsill...

Anonymous said...

Doug, where are the kid blogs?

Doug The Una said...

Good work, g. Almost all the previous story's were child friendly. You all are making me unwholesome.

Tali, Goa'uld and bookworm are 15-year-olds (Dddragon's twins) who write a lot about music and video games.

Ms. Mall Dive is a 13-year-old musician extraordinaire. She has a little brother, Toy Player who is 4 or 11 or something like that. I think you'll find friends there.

Kyahgirl said...

Hey Tali and g; here is a link to a BBC story I remember reading awhile ago about school children blogging in the UK. Some cool ideas. The potential is exciting and mind boggling.

Fred said...

You made it up? Really? And to think I thought it was all non-fiction here. Darn.

Well done, Doug. I didn't cry, but I did sniffle a bit. I did laugh, however.

G said...

Yeeeesss, it is "we all" who are corrupting you. BTW: Julian had me play your slideshow oh, about 44 times before bed last night. Each time he would say "Again?" sort of like a complaint, but I knew he meant "Again!" fore if I tryed to close out, he would hit the play button himself.

Doug, keep it up and you're going to get a reputation as a nice guy.

Thank you Doug and Kyah for your helpful info. although I am sure you understand my selfishly not sharing it with Tali just yet:)

Enjoy your day!

Jamie Dawn said...

Nice jazz vibrato there, Dougster! Shades of Manhattan Transfer...

That was a funny, cute story, but it was mostly heartwarming.

Doug The Una said...

Fred, your sniffle is my reward.

G, I'll remember to say something sarcastic on your site.

Manhattan Transfer, Jamie Dawn? I'll have you know I'm a red-blooded American man.

Minka said...

Ok...I have tried everything now! For three weeks I have been trying to hear your stories and regardless of how much I adjust my players...I just canæt hear you, it always sounds liek you are sawing wood! Soemthign is wrong and I am very distressed.
And now I am missing you singing?
*shakes head in disbelief and turns slowly away, tears forming in the corner of her eyes*
It just isn´t fair!

Anonymous said...

Mieux vaut tard que jamais.

Well I know you didn't ask but i laughed, almost cried, but laughed anyway.


Lila said...

Love, the story, LOVE Minka, and love the definition!!

Doug The Una said...

Minka, did I forget to say I'm now sawing wood instead of reading?

Anonymous Cooper, your laughter is worth 10,000 tears.

Thanks, Aral. That Minka's a pretty good one, isn't she?