Monday, June 19, 2006


REGRET, n. The sediment in the cup of life.

2006 Update: v.t. To recall the beauty, the hope and the dreams of youth over a veggie-burger.


Minka said...

Look who´s first! I bet you all regret that you didnæt check in 5 minutes earlier, ey?!

Minka said...

Regret: is the realization that it is better to do and fail, than to avoid and wonder for eternity.

Miz BoheMia said...

Ditto... but make mine a "flesh" one and it goes beyond regret... suicidal I tell you... SUICIDAL!

Regret... the force behind super yogic powers we acquire as we gain the ability to kick ourselves on the head over any lingering "what ifs"...

Mutha said...

Hey! I dig veggie burgers.

Regret: The powerful last glance back inwhich fear and envy mingle.

Minka said...

somebody once used to say that ´fools will regret their words, but wise men will regret their silences.´ I have taken this to mean: "Do speak up, but keep it short!" -Monika-

Jake said...

Regret: n. a mating ritual primarily seen of the Black Widow spider, but more recently also observed in some suburban lairs of the homosapien.

see also trust

Anonymous said...

Last night's chinese food. Big regret. Huuuuge regret.


Unknown said...

my cups runneth over

dzitw: the pimple wobbles!

Anonymous said...

When practiced longer than an instant, "Regret" stifles forward movement forcing one to live in the memory of what was or what was not.

Sar said...

Regret: Woulda coulda shoulda.

Realizing you've just passed the last rest stop for the next 50 miles when your coffee kicks in.

Indeterminacy said...

Regret: The future spectrum of emotion.

The amoeba said...

Written like a man who has just been raked over the coals on account of the results of his cholesterol tests ...

REGRET, n. Great white bird that flies off while your grand designs are springing forth, only to return, when they have collapsed, to mock you. The egret commonly associates with cattle; the regret, with asses.

REMORSE, n. When the Scout has the send a coded message the second time.

G said...

"Of all the words of tongue or pen, the saddest are might have been" attributed to Greenleaf? Although until I was about 17 I thought it was my father's own. I'll be having mine with a cup of green tear (decided to leave the typo) at lunch.

The amoeba said...

REMORSE, n. When the blogger has TO enter the entry the second time.


Anonymous said...

Regret, n a deliciously self-indulgent waste of introspection.

Em said...

Upon one's turning 18, the regret of not being a petty criminal pre-adult status.

Anonymous said...

Regret: Seeing "what is" through a veil of "what ifs".

G said...

the veggie burger that is...

Mistress Anna said...

Mourning the loss of ones potential.

Sophisticated Writer said...

Regret: A dark time zone where you waste time and tears over something you think should have been or not.

I know I spent too much darn time in that zone.

Good to be back here, Doug! And yes, you knew me right away ;) Be well, dear.

Anonymous said...

Great Definition Doug
I love how any sort of comment on anything veggie gets the folks all fired up
one correction thought a veggie burger is as I mentioned a while back when I was the Wed. guest a "Salad on a Bun"

If whatever is in between the buns was not at one point in its existence on four legs and mooing it can not be called a burger.


The Village Idiot said...

Regret -- Not washing your hands well enough after de-seeding several seranno chilis..and then visiting the facilities..

TLP said...

Regret: I've had a few.

Regret just makes things worse. Unless of course the regretter can presently substitute an attractive virtue for some past attractive vice.

Anonymous said...

I like Bierce's definition today and yours too Doug.

The burden of discipline is slight in comparison to the heavy burden of don't eat the damn chocolate bar already!

and Armen-right back atcha
Go Oilers Go.

(blogger won't let me sign in dagnabbit!!-this is Kyahgirl)

Anonymous said...

I regret this as I type this sigh




Doug The Una said...

Nah, Minka, it's coming second.

I won't mess around, Miz B. You're a vegetarian and I know you'll jump.

Mutha, if you can wait for the last glance, you're doing better than most.

Minka, that's a very wise conclusion. Go into all the world and teach those you find. But keep it short.

Nice, Jake.

Jenna, hair of the dog?

Karma, that crazy dimple.

Joel, sounds like taffy would get you the same outcome more pleasantly. Try that.

Sar, that's an example, yup.

Indie, and yet, never the one you plan for.

No problem here, Brian.

Well done, O Ceallaigh, puns, metaphors and harbingers of doom make a great blend.

g, remember to put sugar in the green tear. Envy should be sweetened with something.

Duxfine, welcome back! And, yes, yummy.

Bad time to start, Em. I ducked that one nicely, thank you.

Puppytoes! *claps*

Mistress Anna, that one was never much of a problem for me, either.

You have, Princess, it's warm out here.

Armen, I thought you were from Toronto. Who are you kidding?

Oh, man, V.I. That is a bad deal.

TLP, how about a new attractive vice?

Hi, Kyahgirl. I almost recognized you.

Cowgirl, I have to admit, I've never tried a veggie-burger unless lamb counts.

Sorry, Jenna. How 'bout them 'Canes?

mireille said...

A symptom of encroaching old age ... when one believes one has lost the personal power to shake up new adventures, so cries over the spilt milkshakes (accessory to the veggieburger) of old ones. Edith P. and I feel strongly about this: "Non, je ne regrette rien." xoxo

Mutha said...

These definitions make me think of Greg Louganis (sp?) the Olympic diver. He hit his head on a platform during a dive once and said afterwards that he knew he was going to hit it the second his foot lifted off.
I started calling this sensation -- knowing you've made a mistake the second you do it -- as "A Louganis Hunch"...maybe it's just a type of lightening-strike regret.

Mistress Anna said...

Go Oilers, I mean ummmm ya.
Mourning the loss of my potential makes the regret so much more palpable Doug. To fully understand the regret you must feeeeeel the regret (I clearly need help).

Ariel the Thief said...

regret: wasting of time. if you want to live, then live with it, if you cannot live with it, go and hang yourself.

dddragon said...

Regret: knowing that there aren't enough minutes or hours in the day.

Sar, I never have that regret. I stop at every restroom along the way.

Logophile said...

Regret~ A waste of time, wise up and move on.

G said...

Regrets, I have a few, but then again too few to mention...One of which is not getting a jump on RUSH hour. That's it, I'm taking the box of swedish fish in the front seat with me for the ride home!

aheed: now that's thinking aheed in my book.

TLP said...

If you want company over here, you'd better throw somethin' else on the barbie besides veggie-burgers. And what'dya have to drink besides dregs? You'll regret havin' a party without good eats.

Doug The Una said...

Mireille, you and Ms. Piaf keep singing that.

Mutha, what you call a Louganis Hunch I call that old time feeling. I messed up and this is gonna hurt.

Mistress Anna, and have possessed potential at some point. I sympathize but can't empathize.

Ariel, excellent advice more people should take.

You are a wise Dddragon.

Jac, his name is Willie and he has a story on this site. His sister, Walela does as well.

Logo, where are you on hanging yourself? I may have to pick between you and Ariel.

G, that sounds worse than pepperoni.

TLP, the veggie burgers are for them. You and me, we eat steak.

mireille said...

I loved rereading the Willie and Walela stories. I ♥ W & W.

G said...

Doug - They are licorice type candies - and it was a salami!

Kyahgirl said...

I'm glad you linked Walela's story Doug. I haven't seen it before and it was great to meet her. (Willie, has already got me firmly pegged in one of his two categories!)

Now I can go give miss 'Lela her own handle for the park :-)

And I hope all you Westerners are yelling Go OIlers Go! tonight. Since its east against west, not north against south, you may cheer without regret.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Kyah. I'll regret the cheering tomorrow.

Yay. Go Oilers Go. Yah Edmonton!! hooo-rah. Go! Oilers Go! Shazaam!

I'm not going to hockey hell for saying that am I? Cuz I'll make you regret the day if that happens!

Anonymous said...

Regret is never an answer
To the mistakes one has made
Regret is the honest sense of self
Everyone has the token to take
As Regret being the cup of life
A shell beside the sea
We all never should ponder on regret
Let it be a memory
Regret is beauty of ones presence
A pencil that is broken then resharpened
Regret is nothing more than a thought that can be flushed down a never ending subconscious
Regret takes on all matters of ones soul
It is what makes us humans whole

Kyahgirl said...

Its ok Jenna, you can hide behind me from the Angels of Hockey Justice!! Go lie down you poor sick thing.

G said...

Doug - The dog that is you is Willie and not a golden retriever? I am confused, but did like the Willie/Walela stories, particularly your projecting onto the old lady...funny.

Alana said...

I have very few regrets, but one of them involves trying to eat a veggie burger instead of a real burger once.

and I like veggies!

Omnipotent Poobah said...

regret - That which we all have but we all wish we didn't have.

Ariel the Thief said...

LOL @Squaregirl

tsduff said...

Bravo Doug - superb definitions of Regret.

Regret: Having received a veggie burger (ptewie) instead of the dead lamb which was ordered.