Friday, June 09, 2006


RETALIATION, n. The natural rock upon which is reared the Temple of Law.

2006 Update: The revenge of the pious against a bystander.


Miz BoheMia said...

Retaliation... The revenge of the bohemians against blogger... and butt grabbers... and catcallers... and bad drivers... and...


Well, that may suck but at least I AM FIRST!!!!! HAH!

Minka said...


The amoeba said...

RETALIATION, n. A Wal-Mart on every streetcorner. Oh ... that's RETAILIATION. My bad.

You really think Blogger or Google's going to notice us pipsqueaks, MizB? Unless we all get Organize bumper stickers, and follow through. Enough guppies can eat a billionaire. :) (no connection to the company, it just had the picture I wanted.)

Minka said...

We have to do soemthing! I mean blogger has been a bitch for days now. And so unorganized. It is payback time! We all switch to a different provider?

Doug The Una said...

Hermana, estas primera y protegida

Aw, Minka, you were very close. Maybe today needs some remedial training.

O Ceallaigh, I suspect the Google/Blogger engineering department is pipsqueak rich.

Yes, Minka! A movement! People power! Today we resolve to do our stalking without blogger, google and google earth! Together, we will be irresistable! and yet lonesome.

Fred said...

Retaliation: A pop quiz.

Anonymous said...

Retaliation: Proof of Newton's 3rd Law...action brings reaction.

Retaliation: The gift that keeps on giving...The proverbial Tiger chasing it's tail...and so on and so on, scooby, dooby, doo.

Evil Minx said...

Retaliation: the natural second stage of a pissing contest.

(And no kids! Yay!)

Anonymous said...

Retaliation: tattling.

Or an injured little blue pill seeking vengence for her injury. Grrr.

Anonymous said...

Retaliation: adding insult and/or injury to insult and/or injury

(let's see if stupid blogger "eats" this comment... joel and i have already "retaliated", by the way, by switching our blogs over to typepad a few months ago...just sayin')

oh, and Doug, you really need to trust me (regarding that article in Rolling Stone) because apparently this country did not re-elect Dubya in 2004. did NOT i tell you...NOT! so? how do we retaliate?? : P

Kyahgirl said...

snark, snark, snark, I messed up the link.

Try this!

The amoeba said...



Kyahgirl said...

Sorry, that was me deleting my other comment.

In RETALIATION to blogger, puppytoes and I made a place for us to go chat when we can't reach our friends. Its called Central Snark, a place for annoyed dogs. Everyone welcome.

Tom & Icy said...

Retaliation, Revenge - A dish best served cold

Anonymous said...

I have been given the right to retaliate against the scion, yea the very progeny who is the prime inheritor of all my funky art (Karma, step aside) who doth not reply to his maternal parent's sweet e-mails where questions like, "How are you, really?" and "What's new, really?" are posed.

BEHOLD THE FURY OF THY MOTHER SCORNED for she will retaliate by taking her complaints to the tirbunal of the Blogosphere for all thy minons to view. Heh. Heh.

Doug The Una said...

Fred, have I mentioned how elegant that hawaiian shirt you have on is?

Ave, Brian.

Ruh-roe, Joel

Ha, Minx. The third being having a drink?

Jenna, that was 30-something, right?

Puppytoes, are you and Rolling Stone saying there was a conspiracy? In this country?

Kyah, be right there.

O Ceallaigh, you quiz us daily. I ain't afeared.

Kind of like Lula, huh, Lammy?

Mama, I inherited my father's delete key.

FirstNations said...

retaliation: the true measure of psychosis is determined by the intensity of surprise upon said psychotics experiencing it.

ex husband. nuff said!

FirstNations said...

...well, i know what i mean.

Alana said...

I suppose blogger give people yet one more venue and reason to retaliate.

Anonymous said...

hopefully this will make sense to everyone... the purpose is to provide a place to comment when you CAN'T comment on a post by someone who uses blogger... see? this is our "retaliation" to that bitch, Blogger, for being "down" so often! (which, by the way, is why it was a very fortuitous choice of word today, Sir Doug!)

we'll cut 'n paste comments you want to make to blogger buddies... so everyone can be heard. 'cuz that's what it's all about, right? not just speaking... but bein' heard?? (and do you guys "get" the silly reference we mean by "central snark"... like central park, only snarkier? and with less poop and/or muggings?)

anyway, we only mean this to be a public service... an international effort, i might add, to keep our blogging relationships intact! (because kyahgirl and i are givers... and talkers... and retaliators...)

ibibw: i believe it's blogwagstic! (what can i say? TGIF)

oh, and doug? YES!! and i know... shocking, right? ; P

Alana said...

oh my gosh! it actually worked! If I thought my comment might actually go through, I might have put more thought into it.

Anonymous said...

DOUG!! call your mom...

The Village Idiot said...

OC -- You just described hell, that goes so far beyond retaliation. I shudder to envision a future with a wal-mart on every corner

I just may have to retaliate for you, implanting that image in my head can not go unchallenged...but first let me have my coffee

Anonymous said...

Yes...30-something. Yeesh.

The Village Idiot said...

retaliation -- the act of extracting a pound of flesh

Logophile said...

I got nothing,
fighting with blogger the last couple days has left me exhausted, bleeding from the ears, fingernails tattered, fists bruised, monitor cracked and CPU case dented.
I lack the ability to retaliate and the energy to define it.
I need a nap.
Idiot, gimme some of that Torrefazione caffe.

G said...

retaliation: an art of survival, developed with patience and perfected upon one's siblings. Also referred to as the "didn't know what hit him" phenomenon.

Doug, you know if your mama comes to this tribunal, chances are it could turn mutinous.

Mistress Anna said...

Keeping up with the Jones's (sp?)

mireille said...

heh. the back and forth interaction between Mama and Doug over spurned emails. In which Mama finds out Doug is impervious to public shaming. And Mama finds out Doug isn't beyond citing the other parental unit's contribution to his genetic pool. Can't wait to see what Mama does. Bet it'll be in private. damn. xoxo

mireille said...

and Logo, Torrefazione! yummmm. xoxo

Doug The Una said...

First Nations, just one?

Cowgirl, where do you draw the line on "optional?"

Squaregirl, a lot of that goes on here.

You call her, Puppytoes!

Village Idiot, take your time and see Lammy's comment above.

Jenna, you look 25 if a day.

Villiage Idiot, do you not bleed?

I hear you, Logo. Take the day off.

Yeah, G. I'm not expecting a lot of support.

Joneses, Mistress Anna. I love it.

Mireille, you are such an instigator! Go sniff a bottle.

Anonymous said...

25? Mmmmwah!

The amoeba said...

But you gotta know, Jenna, 35 was Robert A. Heinlein's favorite age for a babe. At least after he started getting kinky in print... maybe he was retaliating against some sweet younger thing ... a gal Friday, maybe.

Jake said...

Retaliation: 1)why men remain single. 2) why women get married.

see also: dating

Ariel the Thief said...

I've never really got this "revenge in cold" thing. by the time everyone forgets about it and has gone on with their lifes, what's ever the fun in it? "This is for your doing that!" "Doing what?" "You know what!" "No, I do not!" - kills the mood for me.

yeah, Mireille, the most interesting stuff always goes on in private. :-/

retaliation: "If I go fag, you die."

Jake said...

O'C- Robert A. Heinlen? A Trollop would never consider her father's hero... No, no. Her flirtatious antics always lead her, haphazardly, to fall prey to the ubiquitous wiles of the bowman... whom she would never take home to daddy.

Ms. Howard: patience... Blogger was retaliating yesterday for slipping past her defenses the first time.

Sar said...

Retaliation: A response with the explicit intent of exacting revenge or a knee-jerk reaction.

See war in Iraq - do I make you proud Daddy Bush?

Anonymous said...

Sar: you are the saucy one!

Doug: i gave this link at Saucy Sar's Site... but just in case you don't get back over there anytime soon... here! read it and... well, just read it. and let me know what you think. or not. (you know, i'm just trying to pick up the slack for Kyahgirl, who's MIA today... i believe she's somewhere in Edmonton, but who can say, for sure?)

hope you won't decide to retaliate by taking away my comment privileges!

(oh, and for the record? i never call my mom, either... but that doesn't make us right!))

G said...

By the way Doug, hope this word is not a veiled message.

Jamie Dawn said...

Fred is funny! I'm sure his students have given him plenty to retaliate for. If I were a teacher, I'd do the pop quiz retaliation too, also, in addition.

Blogger is being nice to me today. But, if MInka puts together a petition, I WILL sign it.

The best kind of retaliation is pay back with a smile.
Oh... did I do THAT??

Anonymous said...

Oooh...I'm a young Gal Friday! Yesss!!

Did you see that, everyone? Ms. Howard. Now that's respect!

Doug The Una said...

Jenna, I'm a well trained puppy.

O Ceallaigh, you know, I rarely use science fiction writers for authority when making a point about women.

Jake, well done, Sir!

Ahahaha, Ariel! Just in case anyone gets offended, that last is a quote from Analyze This!

Well done, Sar. For the new folks, Sar was the first Wednesday Guest, nearly a year ago after I made that a series. Knee-jerk was her word. The very first guest, arranged in private, by the way, was Pansi.

Puppytoes I read it and I'd be glad to discuss it. Have you posted about it?

You'll get yours, G!!

True, Jamie Dawn, but you have to burn your gloves and clean the knife first.

Jenna, get him drunk and see what he calls you. You'll love it!

Actonbell, your happiness is my reward. Dangit!

Mutha said...

Retaliation: the meat of little-sisterhood
See: water balloon

Anonymous said...

it's a good thing ...right?

Got to run but i wanted to come in earlier than # 88 today.

Anonymous said...

Then I would have to retaliate in like. ooh my, my, my. should I pull out the vanilla vodka?

Anonymous said...

hmmmm. post about something political? as opposed to beauty pageant clumsiness and/or crappy tv shows?? i might have to think about that!

oh, and speaking of TV shows, tho' i suspect you eschew such tripe on principle alone, there is one fine offering that begins again this sunday on HBO... Deadwood. ever hear of it and/or watch? (perhaps that's another conversation we might all enjoy having on some future date?) talk about yer violent retaliations! don't even get me started on those hogs! ewwww.

Doug The Una said...

Haha, Mutha. I was the oldest and made sure retaliation never seemed worth the price. Water balloons are fun, though.

Absolutely, Alice. Thanks for dropping by ;-)

Yup, a4g. A victory on every lap.

Vengeance is mine, sayeth the LORD, Jenna.

Puppytoes, Deadwood is the best TV show ever. I never miss it and I may yet do violence to whoever made this the last season. You seem to have me mistaken for a scholar, though. That's not me.

Anonymous said...

18 Soldiers five days away
Caged in silence lying awake
Ragged tirades are dead at the stake
Raging sirens but nobody pays
We got nothing but time
Overacting out in cynical times
When the rain starts coming down
The search for absolution is dry
18 fathers visit the graves
Locked in violence resigned to their fate
Fallen Idols are cracked at the base
Hollow silence alone in their place
Retaliation is blind
With underestimated losses of life
And the stains of blood are bold
And visible beneath the divide
We're caught up in it we can't forget it
Forget your losses and don't regret it

TLP said...

Retaliation: biting the dog 'cause the dog bit you. All you get is a mouth fulla hair, and bitten again.

Kyahgirl said...

TLP showed up! finally-the voice of reason.

Don't bite dogs, its not nice, you might give us germs. :-)

Anonymous said...

it's great to see TLP, finally! and, YOU, too, missy!!! so glad you finally made it back! (cool look on "snark park", by the way... tho' i am partial to green, you made it look mighty happy!) you've been missed, which you'll discover as soon as you go visit everyone! (sorry doug... don't count this against me... pleasepleaseplease?) : D

Anonymous said...

This is a very, very late hurrah! for Kyahgirl and Puppytoes for their Central Snark during Blogger's Dark Time.

Raggedy said...

I came over from Jamie's place. This was my first visit and I enjoyed it. Thanks!

tsduff said...

Retaliation: The one with the water balloon... who has the best aim.

Anonymous said...

Doug: i KNEW you were a fan! (at least, that's what i always suspected.) as for the cancellation of Deadwood?? a travesty! fortunately they've made a deal with David Milch to do two 2-hour movies after this season in order to wrap up all the story lines. so, that's something not enough, but something. we felt the same way about "Dead Like Me", which might have been up your alley, as well... (if i know anything about your curmudgeonly leanings, and i think i do!)

Unknown said...

a rubber ball that may go in any direction.

mama, you always come first. always

zdlnueqh: nuke the zombies, dahling

Unknown said...

a bubber ball which may go any way

mama, you always come first. always

uikfdbo: you and i kinda find it funny bouncing

Mistress Anna said...

Looooove Jake's definition. I think I almost started crying I was laughing so hard.

Jake said...

Doug- thank you. i am not the caliber of wordsmith as you gods of mt. olympous, but after the last one i had to patiently wait for the perfect moment of retaliation.

Ms. Howard- Do get me drunk! I prefer "sweet mexican nectars" though (Coronas)

Doug The Una said...

Shayna, that looks like one of yours. Excellent.

TLP, I'm not speaking to you for, what, a month?

Thank you, Kyahgirl, and yeah, it's big excitement. Don't tell TLP I said that though.

Puppytoes, 3 demerits.

Whinger, welcome back. I'll hurrah with you, if that's ok.

Welcome, Raggedy. Any friend of Jamie Dawns is a friend of mine.

Terry, the scoundrel!

Puppytoes, I don't know Dead Like Me but Deadwood is the TV show I've waited my life for.

Karma, I couldn't agree more although it's blogger that gives you the verifiers you work your magic with. Darn bubber balls!

I agree, Mistress Anna, I have to give credit, I wish I'd written it.

Good grief, Jake. Don't make me send birds.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, do tell me more, Sir Jake. Yum.

Hey Doug...didn't know you were running a pick-up joint.

Ariel the Thief said...

Karma, with your verifier poetry I'd read the same post of yours posted 10 times and would enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

i knew you were a man of discerning tastes...for Deadwood is surely one of the finest series to ever hit the tube!

as for Dead Like Me? dark comedy about a young woman struck down in her prime (18) by a toilet seat from an exploded Russian spacestation. she's, annoyed, becomes a "reaper" with a handful of other 'deceased misfits' under the guidance of Mandy Pantinkin... all the while learning Life lessons, after life. for a smile, here's a link to a few quotes (imdb). but, seriously, you should rent the DVD, you won't be sorry (except to know a well-crafted show like this was also cut down in it's prime, after but 3 seasons!)

and, yes, i could have e-mailed this to ya, but i'm hoping for a public redemption in order to knock those 3 demerits off my record... (unless you're still feeling retaliatory, in which case, i'm screwed.)

Doug The Una said...

Jenna, only since you got here.

It is a great new artform with Karma the prodigy, isn't it Ariel?

I'll look for that Puppytoes. Sounds like my kind of stuff. You know what galls me the worst is that the reason Deadwood is going off the air early is that Milch wants to do a series about a surfer from Cincinatti. Please.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

Laws? Temples? Aren't they mutually exclusive?

Anonymous said...

i'm afraid the cancellation has everything to do with the fact that HBO doesn't want to pay the high production costs for another season (the show is very expensive to do... especially because they use an enormous cast of extras...) the only reason they agreed to do the 2 "movies" is because Milch said he couldn't wrap up the stories this season.

that said... a surfer? from Cincinatti? groan, dude.

Hobbes said...

Like the Bible says, I for an I!!!!
Or like us naked gymnast's say, "Tit for tat!!!!"