Tuesday, June 13, 2006


DESICCATE, v.t. To make dry.
How noble to the pulpit leaps,
The mighty desiccator,
The audience profoundly sleeps-
Slow snores the great creator.
2006 Update: To philosophize, moralize or bathe.

Thank you to Minka for submitting this cartoon despite being usurped, displaced, delayed and desiccated by a daughter of the Huns this morning.


Ariel the Thief said...

I cannot find "dessicate" in the English-Hungarian dictionary. sounds elegant, though.

Minka said...

are you friggin' kidding me Ariel?

Ariel the Thief said...

lol, hi Monika!

as for the word of today, I just wanted to add, first bath! everything else can come after.

Minka said...

I can not find "dessicate" in any dictionary I checked so far...well, I guess Ariel that means we foreigners are out of today´s post...at least we were cleansed before the rest of them!

And thanx for the lovely mentioning, Doug! I am a little better now!
Little magyar, I´ll beat you to it tomorrow!

Kyahgirl said...

Minka, I though of you today as I came into my building at 5:30. Yay First! (There is usually a guy in by 6 but I beat him today).

Anyway, can't hear the word dessicate without thinking about two things; 1- a dessicator, a common piece of lab equipment used to keep things from absorbing atmospheric moisture, and 2-the process of a dead body dessicating. No idea why 2 springs to mind unless its residual though from the 'mummy' documentary I recently watched.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Alana said...

Oh that Monika is always so kind and noble!

I'll comment on the word after I've prformed my morning rituals (most specifically the coffee)

Kyahgirl said...

just saw Monika's cartoon! whoa, that's really following instructions eh?

eh? (I hear you laughing at the Canadian, don't think I don't hear you!)

Doug The Una said...

Ariel. that's because it's spelled "Desiccate." And I call myself a dictionary writer!

Minka, you're one gracious lady.

I second both motions, Squaregirl.

Kyahgirl, I don't laugh. People are suffering.

Sar said...

Desiccate: Redefining misanthropy for a freshly tamed generation.

see grand re-opening of my intellectual playground

Anonymous said...

I love your Canadian Kyah. Don't listen to 'em, eh?

Dessicate: sobering up

oh...and drying out Waking Ambrose. What? It had to be said.

Sar said...

Sqaregirl - Can I join you? Must have coffee!

Anonymous said...

Desiccate: that which is admired in humor, anticipated in the desert, desired in the diaper, distressed by in the skin, and loathed in the pound-cake; one's brain after a particularly hilarious evening bantering with Bierce; one's mouth after a particularly hilarious evening emptying the bottle; one's body after a particularly hilarious effort to run a half-marathon (don't ask).

Ariel the Thief said...

funny cartoon, LOL!

Anonymous said...

that was great!

Mistress Anna said...

Jenna: That was so on the money...I'm in here waaaay too early. Why? Cause I'm not at work...Why? Don't ask.

Dessicate: Someone who sucks the juice out of life...or people aka: Bella Lagossi(sp?)

Minka said...

I ahve come to think about this word a litle more and all I can think about is : hardfiskur.
See in Iceland we catch fish, a lot of it! I hear 60% of our economy is based on us catching thso eslimy, wriggly no-legged creatures. Anyways, one of our delicatesse is dried fish.
I loves it!

G said...

Look at that - Puppytoes stole my definition word for word.

Ahhh, to err is human
To desiccate before Mommy catches the spilled juice that you're not supposed to be having right now

Missed you all, feel a little rusty.

Anonymous said...

Desiccated: dry, gritty, even Ma-gritty.

Unknown said...

for crying out loud, haven't y'all ever eaten dessicated coconut in chocolate bars! try Bounty

vraiment, Douglas

hckojwvf: hick having orange juice with view finder

Logophile said...

dessicated~ to have been made dry,
how some people prefer their blog
(snicker snicker)

The Village Idiot said...

For those of you that live in a desiccated county, I feel your pain.

And as the Ancient Egyptians always said...

"Evisceration before dessication"

Chatham said...

Desiccate: a bath via cat tongue.

The amoeba said...

DESICCATE, v. To seek a substitute for water - or no substitute. To perform one of the many rituals of chemistry, at the lab or at the bar ("just let the glass see the vermouth bottle, bartender").

Minka, you're too young and kind to remember the first generation of these machines. They all had the same graffiti:

Instructions. 1. Push button. 2. Hold hands under nozzle. 3. Wipe hands on pants.

BUNS, Karma?!? After all the shenanigans around here yesterday?? And me on probation and all?!? It's enough to make an amoeba desiccate and blow away in the wind. Sob. No, wait, that doesn't work ... :)

Doug The Una said...

That sounds familiar, Sar. Welcome home.

It did need saying, Little Blue Pill. Mocking me is good for the complexion. Thank you.

Well done, Ms. Toes!

Thanks, Ariel. It's a good one, no?

Brian, I knew Michael Hutchence wasn't really dead. How are Bruce Lee and Elvis?

Mistress Anna, may your future be moister than your present.

Minka, I was going to say something clever about dried fish but our culture is built on the MacDonald's Quarter Pounder with cheese so I think I'll just wish you bon Appetit.

Welcome back g. It's like riding a bike.

Weirsdo, you know I can't get enough of Magritte humor.

Merci, Karma. New avatar, I see. And a day late.

Logo, we are not amused. OK, a little.

Without representation, V.I.?

Chatham, I never understood why you guys came with sandpaper. I've yet to see a cat do carpentry.

Hold your water, O Ceallaigh. No probation.

TLP said...

Driving deserted, desolate desert dunes devoid diversion.

See also, no radio reception out in these here parts. That kinda dry somehow makes my eyes water.

Jake said...

Dessication: a form of penitence in which the said offender dries himself of his ritualistic debauchery. In some cases, resulting in an evolutionary regression to a primate.

see also forgiveness

Doug The Una said...

Brian, do I look like your teddy bear?

Oh, Lordy, TLP! No radio question today?

Jake, are you sure primate is a regression?

G said...

Why thank ya Brian. I see your out and about.

Is Bruce Lee dead?! Oops I was mixing him up with Jackie Chan. Sorry, not much for action flicks I guess. wobble wobble

mireille said...

Teriyaki turkey jerky, I think. xoxo

Minka said...

Douglas, Teddies are cute, cuddly, nice and warm! There is your answer...

Brian, lovely poem as always! We need a certain level of sophistication around here...

FirstNations said...

it really isn't a pipe, you know.
just saying.

Karen said...


let's see if i can kill this word...

DE *SIC* "CATE", er, nope!

DE *SIC* "ANN", there, that's better!

comeon over to my place and see!

btw, Doug, thanks for stoppin' by yesterday with your great debate comments... you rock!

Jake said...

Doug, at least I didn't regress as far back as an amoeba.

Miz BoheMia said...

Dessicate rhymes with defecate... it just is not pretty...

... so I am out.

Yeah word verif... ha, ha, haaa!

vagicjs: vaginas create juices

Do I have "genitals here please" written on my foreword or something? Oy!

Miz BoheMia said...

foreword = forehead

Oy indeed!

Unknown said...

haha OC, but i wasn't part of the shenanigans and had no idea! in any case, i'm too shy

you like, dawg? il est un Picasso

Brian, hope they're hot and cross

Em said...

Desiccate: Not putting on my foot moisturizer. This can be used as sandpaper.

The amoeba said...

um, Doug? About that new header? It's not working ...

And I'll have you know, Jake, that we amoebae represent one of the most ancient and noble guilds on Earth. You people and trees and things had to accept mutual cellular slavery and learn to live in dessication hell because WE had already taken all the good spots! And you call yourselves "higher forms of life". HA! You can have your little ritual dances and your cuties like Cowgirl, and Karma ... and Minka ... and the little blue pill ...


Doug The Una said...

G, Bruce Lee lives!

Mireille, to the curmudgeonly, that's all the moisture we can handle.

Brian, thanks for the weather report. And the Jailhouse rocks. This sure ain't schoolhouse rocks no more.

Minka, I'll take that as a no. You're right, let Brian lead us back to the light.

What, First Nations? You mean this?

Karen, I'll look forward to seeing.

Brian, nur auf Deutsch.

Jake, love the new avatar. Perfect.

¡O dios mio, hermana! ¿No puedes leer? Abrazos, pero ¡Caramba!

Karma, if you're shy I'm handsome.

Em, do you make furniture?

Man, I'll say, O Ceallaigh. I'm moving to Trinidad or Ohio or someplace. You want this site? By the way, you may have a point. If I knew how to do parthenogenesis, I'd think about it.

TLP said...

How would you know about the radio questions? Huh? Huh????? You've missed the last two.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Doug The Una said...

Desculpame, Miz B. Significo "¿No puedes pinche leer?"

¿Mas claro, no? Es mejor y libre en Castallano.

Doug The Una said...

TLP, pffft

Anonymous said...

Doug, I do know my place on this blog.

My eyes are dessicated from lack of sleep.

The amoeba said...

Nah, Doug, this place is in better hands than mine. And maybe it's just as well things are as they are, look at the talent you're attracting. Like this retired softballer that just blew in.

I'll put the GPS locator back in the car. And return everybody to the Doug and pony show.

Ariel the Thief said...

which one is above, Doug or the pony?

Mistress Anna said...

Doug: Moister? LOL. I do hope for a moister future - I have had enough of emotional vampires.

mireille said...

You know, I could explore that moisture issue, if I didn't so earnestly share your concern about keeping the bordello out of your blog. Although I am in the apparent minority. And MizB: better foreword and forehead than foreskin. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I am late to the party and most likely redundant...but...the events of the day have left quite dry, dull, and lifeless.

Kyahgirl said...

Gasp! Mireille was naughty. *shocked*

Anonymous said...

not "naughty", kyahgirl... a provocateur. ; P

Doug The Una said...

Welcome back, Jac!

And you do it well, Little Blue Pill.

Good eye, O Ceallaigh! Kickballer, but I'm impressed.

Ariel, and you're usually so sweet! I can see my plea backfired.

Next time, Mistress, wear a turtleneck and some garlic.

Mireille, I thought our love was pure.

Brian, you're on a roll. I know it's good.

Joel, just so's you don't blame the Mrs. She's been well-represented.

Right, Kyahgirl? I expect it from some people. I think all the French must of got to her.

Right, Puppytoes, like I was saying.

Jamie Dawn said...

Great cartoon, Minka!

All I can think of for this word are those freeze-dried foods that you add water to. I ate a freeze-dried hamburger patty once. It was the weirdest thing ever, but it was quite juicy after I added the water, and it tasted pretty good.
Not even close to an In & Out burger, though.

Anonymous said...

joel: not that i'm partial, honey but on a *bad* day you're anything but "dry, dull, and lifeless"! (and thank god for that)

Desiccate: mummy dearest

(sorry, just saw a short doc on joan crawford... couldn't resist)

mireille said...

It is. Pure. xoxo

Minka said...

Maybe the new title doesn´t work cause it is in SPANISH and people can claim ignorance. I myself do not speak a word of Spanish ... well, except one sentence we all know ;)

G said...

Okay life makes sense again. I can handle missing out on a lot, but coming back to your favorite spot only to find it renamed, well that was just the final straw!

Mutha said...

Okay, I didn't know what anyone was talking about until the Guiness. Now I get it. Count me in the desiccation.

Jamie Dawn said...

Puppytoes' "mummy dearest" got a chuckle out of me.

I think that desiccate is an ugly word.
It just sounds ugly, and it has a funky spelling too, also, in addition.

I vote to get rid of it all together. I could easily live without ever hearing it or reading it or saying it again.

Mistress Anna said...

I agree Jamie Dawn. I feel the same way about the word "slacks"

Omnipotent Poobah said...

desicate - Cate, Desi's new girlfriend after he divorced Lucy.

Doug The Una said...

Jamie Dawn, freeze dried hamburger sounds better than freeze-dried vegetable by the transitive property of tastiness.

Haha, Puppytoes. Good one.

Right, Mireille, I learned about you today.

Minka, I know you're messing with me.

G, that was temporary but it made me feel better.

Actonbell, I see someone started early.

Mutha, you missed a temporary change of name and subtitle.

Jamie Dawn, let the word go forth!

Mistress Anna, Jeans are ok, right?

Poobah, the cad!

Anonymous said...

What happened to me feet today.

Hopefully that is the only part of my body which will suffer this consequence anytime soon. I like my body parts moist.

Mistress Anna said...

Denim is all good, but not if they are made into slacks. eek.

Anonymous said...

You say right and you say wrong
You've got nothing to stand upon
Germ that kills you is more right
Along with you your morality dies
Under your rulers that measure so well
But what they measure no one can tell
New totems and taboos for humankind
Don't know what to do with your mind
A condemnation of condemnation
Abolish all black and white insinuations
Your version becomes the text
Of a human brotherhood sect
Have faith only in what computes
A number's strength is its truth
Pocket adjustable moralities the norm
Man and its hero the conqueror worm
Cut the Truth off from its Source
Ritual masses disguised as discourse
Suckling on the pleasures you love so much
Shiny coin before a touch
You bring up the children and then you betray
As your flowers of life desiccate
See your offspring deathly pale empty eyes
As your holy tenets reveal themselves as lies
Calling mother father as you spit them out
Reach for a kiss as you strike them down
The new discrimination the human Reich
The new wrong the new right
Your only truth is that all is true
No mind for what mutually excludes
Punishing enemies for hypocrisies
No absolutes determined no authorities
Search for aliens out in space
Hoping for a better place
Send a satellite out that far
Find a planet destroyed by war
Cut the Truth off from its Source
Ritual masses disguised as discourse
The new discrimination the human Reich
The new wrong the new right

Ariel the Thief said...

as a not English speaker I'd like to ask if Alice's saying she likes her body parts moist means she likes those body parts of her that are moist or she likes to keep her body parts moist.

thank you!

Ariel the Thief said...

@Doug, what plea you're talking of?

Doug The Una said...

Alice, you've placed me in a real moral quandary.

Mistress Anna, What's the difference between slacks and pants?

Shayna, wow!

Ariel, I meant the plea from yesterday. I don't remember it either. LOL on your comment to Alice.

Mistress Anna said...

Slacks are for old farts:)