Tuesday, June 06, 2006


LUMINARY, n. One who throws light upon a subject; as an editor by not writing about it.

2006 Update: Someone who holds a special expertise with which to enlighten society such as a former candidate, a neighbor, a drunkard or a tomcat.

Freedom is on the march in June! Today is the California primary and I will be serving as a precinct clerk, checking registrations and gumming tapioca pudding with strained green beans. Be sarcastic to one another as I would be sarcastic to you.

On this day in 2005 a Scandinavian explorer first reached these shores. Nobody comment until Minka gets here!


Minka said...

FIRST *pheu*
Life makes sense again!

Minka said...

You didn´t forget!!!
That is so sweet of you. I came, I saw and I left a comment exactly one year ago. It´s been a wonderful ride. Wouldn´t miss it for the world.
Odd words in between, stories that weren´t about me and sometimes abit of lip from you aside, this friendship has truly illuminated many a dark day!

I hope I am second too, so that people will seriously be annopyed by now! :) Cheers!

Doug The Una said...

Minka, on June 6, 2005 you were happy to be 8th. You sure have made yourself at home since then. I'm delighted.

The amoeba said...

Yo Doug! Happy Anniversary! Many Happy Millions of Hits! :)

And chill, dude. Surely there's somebody besides yourself in that precinct office who's under 100. In your honor, I'm just going to have to define ELECTION (shameless self-promotion, with a tip of the sneaker to Sar).

LUMINARY, n. A curmudgeonly blogebrity.

Hobbes said...

One hoo refuses to hide her lite under a burning bush!!!!

Kyahgirl said...

Happy anniversary Minka and Doug :-)

Luminary: the lovely blogger from the Artic Circle, shining her light on us savages in the new world.

Kyahgirl said...

oh yes, and Doug, have fun clerking, try not to get your mush on the paperwork.

Minka said...

kyahgirl, that was so sweet!
But I think all of us make this site shine. It is not the words alone, it certainly isn´t the author by himself...it is a combined effort of a great idea, regular guests and a level of considereation for each other!:)

Fred said...

You two will be very happy together. :)

G said...

Well Happy Blogaversary Minka and Doug. Doug, is this blog like Big Love? Do I need to go back and look up my first comment?
Minka - liked your comments left last night for Doug - particularly the bed of roses description:)
Sidenote: When I first spoke to Pia about your blog (as she had heartily recommended coming here), I said that it's humorous for sure but that I felt as if I had walked into a party where everyone knows each other except me and I felt a little shy to jump in. Now I've got a lampshade on my head - woo hoo! Turn up the RUSH!

Without a luminary like you hosting this blog, it wouldn't be such a beacon. Now that's as nice as I am going to be today.

Anonymous said...

Celestial Minka + Inspirational Doug = a couple of Blogging Luminaries : D

doug you never cease to impress. hope the tapioca isn't too runny, because... yuck!

The amoeba said...

g - boy did that sidenote hit home! When I discovered this site through Wikipedia a couple of months ago, I felt like you did. You want lame? I emailed Doug and asked if I would be imposing on people if I commented! You all know what that led to. The propeller beanie is in a safe place ... the same place as my avatar (NOW what's wrong with the Blogger server?!?).

The amoeba said...

oh. The amoeba's back. Phew.

brian said...

this little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine.

Let's shed some light on this subject.

bright lights in the big city, unless you're Minka then it's the nothern lights in the wilderness.

Happy one year anniversary.

G said...

OC - and despite his protests, you went ahead anyway? Well, glad you did - could you pass the peanuts? Oh, hi Brian, excuse me OC, I haven't seen Brian in a while....

brian said...

Hi GQ, I don't always come here, lampshades on my head are not my thing.

Kyahgirl said...

g, the lampshade is de rigeur in the Waking Ambrose set. It looks good on you.

O'C-I had trouble with my avatar yesterday. I think blogger is staggering under the load of all the amoebas and other wildlife.

G said...

Why thank you Kyah for saying. See if you don't have an avatar, you can't lose it - one less frustration. Ooh, maybe a nice pink lampshade?!

Okay Brian, no lampshade, would you like to play a kazoo?

Doug, I really am not taking over your blog. Just jumping in while you're showing the altakakas (yiddish - sp?) how to vote.

BTW: You better get Minka something nice - woman can get awnry around this anniversary gift thing. Not that I know from personal experience.

Anonymous said...

Oooh...happy blogiversary Minka & Doug!

Hey, you didn't email me for permission, OC. Harrumph.

Luminary: You mean...besides me? Is there anything else? Pfft...I am a ray of sunshine. Of SUNSHINE, damn it!!

So if Doug is "working" does that mean we get to run amok in here? I mean...more so than usual.


G said...

Jenna - care for a vanilla vodka shot that you're so fond of? Let's just keep the noise down, Doug's neighbors might rat us out.
Brian, easy on the kazoo! OC, if you don't want us to break your microscope, you'd better put it away now.

Kiss' Rock and Roll all night blares on...

The amoeba said...

g - The crazy thing is, he didn't object! 'Course he didn't know what he was getting himself into. I checked into some of his earliest posts, noticed that the first couple of months he got the dreaded "zero comments". Wonder if he misses the peace and quiet.

And no I don't mind getting passed over for gospel singers. Story of my life. Just ask Jenna.

Sorry 'bout that Jenna. But I met you through Doug. And I'd already lost my virginity. What am I saying??!?

Oh, and that's a klieg light. You know? For the camera? :)

Kyah, if Blogger can't bear the weight of an amoeba, it's got big problems. You'd think the Google billionaires could spring for a decent server. grr.


Sar said...

Aw, happy anniversary Minka & Doug. May you lead a long and happy blog life together. Now get a room already! ;)

Of course I'm just being a luminary of sarcasm since Doug did request sarcasm, did he not? :P

Sar said...

Oh, btw, nice tip of the sneaker there, OC, and RUSH nod, G. :)

I now return you to your regularly scheduled romper room.

The amoeba said...

You're dating yourself, Sar, with that Romper Room stuff. Are we Do Bees or Don't Bees?


Kyahgirl said...

g-please check your mail and let me know if you need help with this aspect of blogging.

So sorry Doug-I won't comment again; blog clutter. Maybe. Well, if I see that ruminant again, all bets are off :-)

Anonymous said...

Psst, Kyah, no supervision today. Comment away.

I liked the Romper Room. I barely remember the Romper Room though. I loved the Polka Dot Door more. I always held my breath to see if they saw me. But truly my main man was Mr. Dressup. Oh yeah, he rocked my childhood world. We saw him live when I was 4 or 5. A light went out when he passed away. I bawled. I miss the Tickle Trunk. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Oh and G...I decided it was wise to leave the vanilla vodka at my place. Things get a little rowdy/raunchy/r-rated/delish when that stuff's around. *stares blankly at monitor* Um, err, where was I?

G said...

OC - yeah - kleig light, whatever -put it away, unless you'll be taking party pictures? - she peers above at Jenna's avatar.

Of course you're right Jenna - it's for the best, has everybody tidy up a bit.

Kyah - LOL - love the lady # 2. I believe I will need help, but can't get to it here, becuase I can't post pictures from Big Brother's standpoint. wink.

They never ever called my name once in Romper Room. OOoh, next party game - whistling while chewing saltines - line up!

The Village Idiot said...

Luminary kind of like the anti-alchemist...but different

Mutha said...

I also loved Romper Room and was scared/thrilled everytime the host did the magic window thing. Spooky stuff.
Sesame street seemed much more straight forward, Roosevelt Franklin and all.

Luminary: the one contributing the match in the darkness or the one who knows their best lighting. See: Greta Garbo.

brian said...

Just for you GQ,

A luminary,
is like a canary,
when put to a vote,
it will croak.

G said...

Do be's on the left, don't bees on the right - everybody conga!

Jamie Dawn said...

Minka is a good friend to have from the start. Just think, she could have been some hideous soul who has done nothing but annoy you over this past year. But, good fortune was yours when she made her first comment here. :-)

Luminary: A person so full of hot air that he glows.

dddragon said...

Luminary: We need one to clear out the debris in the House and Senate, in this Commonwealth and elsewhere.

Happy Bloggerarsary!

Ariel the Thief said...

Monika and Doug, I have no the slightest idea when I commented on this site for the first time, so let me just bring this cake to the anniversary of yours (baked myself!), and the trunk is full of red Irish beer and Bailey's in case anyone's interested in a party in the absence of the cat. :)

FirstNations said...

luminary: one in whose penumbra we are required to blossom.
thinking hollywoody today!

and whats this crap about discovering america? hm? you have a date? be mightly interested to see THAT. *scrapes mud from Bering land bridge from feet*

brian said...

To GQ in honor of Minka's
has hijacked....
I mean moderated so
a limerick.

there once was a girl,
called GQ,
from Pia and Doug,
took her cue,
she started a blog,
her issues did flog,
now all of us,
are in her purview.

a4g said...

Luminary, n. One of a long, continuous line of the oft-imitated and universally celebrated, beginning with Lucifer.

G said...

Jamie Dawn - Doug's not here to be annoyed right now (he's actually doing that at the polls)- may I take a message for him?

Ariel enters and immediately revives the place. Refreshments are passed around...

First Nations, you didn't hear that crap from me, but ummm, it is a holdiay at work for which I get paid...

Brian - When you brush your teeth and rinse, do poems come out? Your amazing. Would that be St. Dominic's Purview? You're too good a soul for this motley crew.

Are you referring to our little party a4g? Cause you weren't here earlier when I mentioned cleaning up.

G said...

Ohh Brian, do I get to keep it?

mireille said...

What must it be like, to show up at your precinct, ready to innocently cast your vote, and come face to face with Doug? I think he's probably filibustering all the elderly voters, trying to make them see the error of their conservative ways. Heh. xoxo

Ariel the Thief said...

"Brian - When you brush your teeth and rinse, do poems come out?" LOL! what did you say, Brian, what brand of toothpaste you use? ;)

brian said...

Thanks GQ, yes you can take it home with you, I figured it completed the trifecta ;). I already put it into my "Silly" folder in "My Muse" (shameless plug). Now you know why I keep a notebook on hand, poems, they keep on a coming.
Ariel, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my last post, I tried to find your blog, what's it called?

Ariel the Thief said...

was my pleasure. I haven't got any. I take pictures with a borrowed camera.

G said...

Yes Mirielle and they'll have no idea what evil lurkes...

Thanks Brian, it's part of the family now. Ariel I was just being plain silly, silly, silly (about the tooth brushing).

By the way, I didn't realize you took the pictures - they're great -you have a good eye. So going forward, we'll just leave comments for you at Doug's:)

Everyone - shhhhh! SOmeone's at the door - I gotta go now - turn the luminary off when you all leave.

Sorry about the lamp Doug.

G said...

Note to Doug on the table:

Dear Doug,

Saw the "G" in your links (blinks back tears), my curency is the shekel - what do i owe ya?


yuzbns yuz bens lotsa fun while Doug was gone!

Anonymous said...

and a cyberspace lumiary you are too

Minka said...

oh my God!
You guys sure know how to party and I am glad you are all along for this special anniversary. Doug will have fun when he gets back and has to answer all your comments :)

Thank you for all your wishes and each of you is just as important!
Ariel, bring on teh cake...I sure could use a slice! Strawberries? How did you know?

Sar, it seems like more than just Doug and I have to get a room and sort things out ;)

Happy "my bloggoversary" to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Holy moly, I do my job for a few hours and look what happens! G becomes our hostess.


Did I miss the cake? There's a piece in the fridge at work. I'm eying it like a psychotic stalker waiting for just the right moment to pounce. I'm thinking...5 more minutes.

Okay, let's get the lamp story straight because I know I'm going to get blamed. I get blamed for everything. I did not use the lamp as a pole for dancing. That wasn't me. You can't pin that on me. (narrows eyes looks around) That's the light I'm shedding on the situation. It. Wasn't. Me.

Okay. Now. About the tiny fire I had in the kitchen...

Cowgirl said...

I like O'C's:
LUMINARY, n. A curmudgeonly blogebrity.

So where is the dawg? *looking for the light*

Alana said...

Oh, how lovely! And surely Doug's been too busy to answer all the comments because he's out somewhere planning a very special suprise for you Minka!

That precinct story is obviously just an alibi. No one under 60 serves as a precinct clerk.

Ariel the Thief said...

what, Cowgirl, don't we shine enough?

Jenna, the room was full of cake before Monika arrived. 10 minutes later... :-P

Anonymous said...

so this is where the party is??? crap. i've been running around stamford with my son for the past 4 hours, with little to show but a few recommendations for college and a luke-warm triple-grande-soy-no-whip-mocha!

clearly i have underestimated the magnetic draw a luminary of Doug's caliber has on the blogosphere. thus enlightened, all i can say now is... did someone say something about cake? : P

(i'm guessing our host will be thrilled to see his party thrive despite his absence. thrilled, or terribly depressed. i'm sure we'll find out soon enough!)

as for that cake? i'll grab a slice just as soon as i'm through with the "gutter guys". (they're just about through cleaning...) and, yes, they really call themselves "the gutter guys". hey, i might not be an luminary, but i can enlighten with the best of you! (humor me... remember, i'm the pathetic one)

Cowgirl said...

Yes, Ariel, you are all quite luminous.

puppytoes, you are far from pathetic!

Ariel the Thief said...

every luminary is black in the dark.

Miz BoheMia said...


Hey, you know that by such an action you are setting yourself up for many an anniversary with many a blogger to be celebrated?

Don't shoot the messenger for being quite the luminary! I'm just sayin' is all!

Minka... oh dear sistah, you light up our lives wherever you may go! Besos to my sweet German Icelander from a Danish one! :-P

Logophile said...

Well, I am drawing a blank, darkness encloses, I need a liminary.

Have your NO ELECTIONEERING posters out, Doug?

What a nice anniv, Minka, I have no idea when I showed up. Bet it didn't make a dent on doug either.

S said...

I voted, did you?


Oh, have I made my way to the Loom- in-airy yet? Yes, I see I have! Let's loom.....

Minka said...

Ariel, it was good cake! Did you expect me to look at it all dya long *rubs belly*

squaregirl, I sure hope so. For his sake! Otherwise he´ll sleep in the sidebar section tonight while take the big huge posting area! It is only fair!

Minka said...

I forgot: "g" you are a lovely stand-in for our absentee!

Minka said...

......... , . - . - , _ , .......
......... ) ` - . .> ' `( .......
........ / . . . .`.. . . .. ........
........ |. . . . . |. . .| .........
......... .. . . . ./ . ./ ...........
........... `=(.. /.=` ...........
............. `-;`.-' .............
............... `)| ... , .........
................. || _.-'| ..........
............. , _|| .._, / .........
....... , ..... ..|| .' ..............
.... |.. |.. , . ||/ ...............
, ....` | /|., |Y.., ...........
... '-...'-._....||/ ..............
........ >_.-`Y| ...............
............. , _|| ..............
............... ..|| ..............
................. || ..............
................. || ..............
................. |/ ..............

I know you were supposed to bring the flowers, but you seem otherwise engaged. Doesn´t bother me at all, not at all! Really! Not a bit...nope...

Anonymous said...

Ooh that's very clever Minka. Very clever indeed.

*sits back, opens a bag of Tostitos to watch, figuring he needs about 12 of those pretty roses*

Jamie Dawn said...

g: ha, ha, ha! The only message I have is this:

I read something in the comments above about cake.
I didn't get a piece. That is not fair!

G said...

Cooper: was that meant for me? Oh, well because I was sort of minding Doug's place today, just - ya know, ahhh never mind. After all (straightens up, dusts off shoulders) well, the word today is not grovel.

Actonbell: good point.

Puppytoes: funny, speaking of gutter guys...

Ariel: do you have a picture of that?

MizB: My point exactly!

logo: I'm not sure a liminary will help.

Minka: You're making me blush (hides under lampshade).

JamiDawb: I swear when I left, there were leftovers - one for you, one for Puppytoes, MizB.......

DOOOOOUUUUUUGGGGG, come home, we need you!

G said...

Ooops, sorry JamiDawn. If you had stopped over to my place on Day 1, I had a party, there were brownies, ask OC - ask Jenna...

G said...

Ohhh Jennna, we never got the lamp story straight. Okay, this is it - when we got there today, there were others there before us...a certain little pansi and a friend of the four legged variety with a tail who was happy to see us because she needed to be let out. When we tried to let Kyah out, that Pansi was still talking about Geesus and in poor Kyah's need to relieve she knocked over the lamp! Knocked it over!

Pin it on Pansi I say!

bbcuh: bubbacue: the luminary that the evidence was burned in!

Anonymous said...

Okay G...works for me.

Alana said...

And Doug, I really tried to be sarcastic to the precinct clerks where I voted in honor of you, but they were all just way too nice.

I apologize.

Kyahgirl said...

What? KYAH knocked over the lamp? first I heard of it. I better go back and read all the comments.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

luminary - a person who doubles as a night light.

Anonymous said...

I wou;d like to help with the sarcasm, but as you may know, I have been grounded by Doug.

Nonetheless, I think you all have done the blog master proud. In any event, he will be home soon

Anonymous said...

yeah, but kyah, if it was you... it was only an accident. right? besides, it was an ugly lamp, anyway. (tho', what do i know? i only got here in time for a measly slice of cake--more like crumbs... not that i'm complaining!) : P

Anonymous said...

i'm also thinking this'll teach Doug to leave his blog unattended on such a momentous occasion. that said... i do think g did a fabulous job as "fill-in moderator"--with help from everyone who stopped by today!

still... will Doug ever trust us here, alone, again??? i'm guessing we're all about to find out!

G said...

Okay, everyone listen up - Pansi did it, not Kyah!

She was a little tipsy on too much cake and in her zealous talk of Geesus, well I just heard a crash. That's it - Pansy did it. And so what was I to do with the perfectly good lampshade, but head for the hills!

Kyahgirl said...

g-look at you!! that avatar is 'so you'.

Steve-I'm sorry you were grounded. I know you said last night you are a ruminant. Or maybe I said that. If you're grounded and you're, lets say, a cow, or maybe a steer, here is a joke:

what do you call a steer with no legs?

ground beef!

are you ground beef Steve? :-)

I know I'm going to be dead meat when the boss gets back to his blog!!
gotta dash!

Anonymous said...

Are there any last minute cover-ups that need to be hidden underneath a lampshade or a couch? Now's the time to confess people! G can't create an awesome cover-up if she doesn't know the deets.

G said...

She nods her lampshade towards Kyah - Why thank you Kyah, it's the best gift I've ever received. If you head over to my place, you'll read the story behind it. Don't you worry stick to the Pansi story. That's it.

Puppytoes, stop cowering over there, you didn't even do anything - what are you worried about? Be strong - never let them see the fear in your eyes.

I think we're good Jenna, hummm, what's this lock-and-key attached to? Doug's diary!

Did anyone ever mention that you're a good partner in crime?

Indeterminacy said...

Luminary: Someone who puts out an oil lamp.

(makes sense means anything - it's the first thing I thought of)

G said...

Indie, I just came in because I saw the luminary on. Doug's not here - he went out for drinks with the little old ladies from the local polls. Minka's not going to be happy about it either.

He left me in charge (sort of).

Well, why don't you just put out that oil lamp and let's lock up. That's it - thank you.

Good night.

Evil Minx said...

Goshdarnit. I missed the party. *fume* Happy blogversary, Minka and Doug... Any of that red Irish beer left?

Luminary: One who shows how blogging should be done -- by everyone else in the comments section... Heh.

G: Alter kacker. Official yiddish spelling. :-) Pay me in shekels, i have change.

PS Doug: hope you didn't have too stressful a day... or at least if you did, managed to rip some idiot a verbal new one to relieve the stress.


Doug The Una said...

Heavens to Murgatroyd! *Deep breath*

Thanks, O Ceallaigh. It turned out the total age of precinct officers present was under 100. Not better.

Pretty close, Pansi. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!

Amen, Kyahgirl, she's a goodie. I didn't drool on nary a ballot.

Certainly not the author, Minka. True. Sweet of you to share credit with the others.

Thanks, Fred. A smartass. On my site. Betrayal!

G, I'm boycotting Big Love but, yeah, probably. That's nicer than you needed to be but thank you.

Puppytoes, and you know I qualified on the first try!

O Ceallaigh, you know I didn't know you found me through Wikipedia. I owe an appreciation to Indie who put that link in. Yes, you've made yourself at home nicely.

Thanks, Brian. Ordinarily I'd delete my comment to Pansi to avoid bumping yours but I have about 70 comments to go and I ain't editing.

G, I actually invited him. How was I to know?

Brian, propeller beanies also meet the dress code. You have one of those, I'd wager.

Haha, Kyahgirl. Bubonic computer virus?

G, do you think I should commission Brian to write her a poem? I hear chicks dig poetry.

Jenna, I can only imagine what's still waiting for me. Trollop.

G! This is a dry site! Only Actonbell gets to drink here.

Haha, O Ceallaigh. I got my previous comment on the topic about right, didn't I?

Sar, God bless you! Thank you!

O Ceallaigh, that's the only appropriate cyber-dating, IMHO.

Kyahgirl, he's around. I'm taking his computer away.

Jenna, please tell me there's no such thing as vanilla vodka. You made that up, right?

g, you call this cleaned up?

V.I. Is that an illuminati gag? Congratulations on your own official Waking Ambrose pocket protector.

Nice definition, Mutha. 40% on topic is pretty good today.

Brian, that's not a frog? Poetic license?

g, who are those folks swinging from the chandelier?

Thank you, Jamie Dawn. I'm glowing.

Thanks, Dddragon. Did you guys have your primary today as well?

Thanks, Ariel. Whenever you got here, I'm sure glad you did. I actually do remember the post on Indie's site when you addressed a comment to me.

First Nations, we were all discovered last year today. I bet the pale-skinned people from across the big water will trade with us and be kind. Shadows have penumbras, Missy!

Dang, Brian. That's quality.

Yes, a4g, the morning star.

g, nicely done. Thanks.

Mireille, I actually have a semi-funny story from today but you'll forgive me for not getting into it right now. I'm just hoping to finish by 11.

Ariel! Too funny!

Brian, she doesn't have one but she's a first-rate photographer.

Ariel, like I said.

g, my dogs are never this bad! And nothing. Remember Doug and Pia's third law.

Alice, whoever you're referring to, the same goes for you.

Minka, and happy blogoversary to you. *Sings* Oh, and way to get after Sar. That heel!

Jenna, just so's you saved me some s'mores.

Cowgirl, just got back from serving my country by helping morons vote.

Ariel, I think you're getting too quick for us. That's one for the ages.

¡Muchas Gracias, Hermanita!

Logo, it's only a flesh wound! They were up at 6:35AM. The wind took them around 7.

Sure did, Barefoot Mistress and nice to see you back. Apart from my mouth I'm a pretty good citizen.

Aw, Minka. I planted you some lilacs and raspberries.

Jenna, I'll say it again. That Minka's a good'un. Did you save me some chips?

Me either, Jamie Dawn. Come over and I'll bake you one with in-n-out icing.

g, I'm more than blushing. Thanks for your fortitude.

Jenna, et tu? Of course, tu. Trollop.

Squaregirl, freedom isn't free.

Not to worry, Kyahgirl. The pants I found tied around the lamp only had two legs.

Hahaha, Poobah. 100% on topic. No wonder you're omnipotent. It's all about efficiency, after all.

Pop, don't make me take the computer, too.

Sadly, Puppytoes, I can't be taught. November we'll see.

g, I will not have you making unsupportable allegations against Pansi. Besides, she's only 11 inches tall and doesn't wear pants! Awesome Avatar! You are SO new millenium!

Haha, Kyahgirl! Grounded ruminant!

Jenna, did I forget to mention the webcam? Busted! Trollop!

g, you're a heck of a conspirator!

Indie, I'm so past trying to make sense. We're cool.

g, and what happened after, I'll never tell.

Minxie, there's time for one more dance.


Minka said...

Did you just call me a chic up there somewhere?
I´ll give you the benefit of the doubt...´cause that were quite a few comments to answer and you might have momentarily lost track!
Good rawr by the way. Very impressed!